To reproduce the glory of domestic martial arts, “Sword world 3” duty-bound, West Mountain home production too conscience

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China once the game industry, martial arts games once occupied half of the country, perhaps this is carved in the bones of the romantic people, no matter who, there is a lake’s lake dream.However, do not know when to start, the martial arts game gradually faded out of the players’ vision, occupy half of the country’s martial arts game also began to be replaced by other types of games, which makes people not only issued such a question, is the Chinese martial arts game will fall like this?The emergence of Swordsman World 3, xishanju’s blockbuster of the year, gives a perfect answer to this question, that is, wuxia games will not only not die, but also return to the glory of the past!The game, which was launched in 2022 for only a month, not only brought wuxia back to the front of people’s eyes, but also caused a huge sensation. First, it topped the download charts on all major platforms, and then it won two Blackstone Awards — “Popular Game of the Year” and “Hardcore Superstar Game”.You can see how well the game has been accepted by players and the industry, but how did Sword World 3 achieve this?1: high picture quality, brilliant game details.Built with new engine technology, Sword World 3 is full of strong visual impact.First of all, the scene design in the game is quite exquisite and meticulous. The super viewing distance of 3000 meters allows players to enjoy the most extreme screen experience comparable to the movie in the game. Flowers and grass, mountains and lakes, as far as the naked eye can reach, all become a picture scroll.If you feel so beautiful scene still does not have the sense, so the emergence of real-time weather system, allows you to experience the big square in the game to the beauty of scenery, immersive, pinched face system has high precision, moreover the game also allows each player can create their own image of jianghu, overall full details.2. Passionate gameplay and rich social system.Salute as classic martial arts world 3, “knight errant didn’t let you down, in the game, knight errant love series of classic game everyone can experience, whether the siege, the white tiger hall or song battle groups such as battle, were the perfect reduction, of course, the game also let a person in the field of games enough blood boiling.If you like PVE and social gameplay, the family system in Sword World 3 is perfect for you. In the game, you can not only interact with the family, but also design related gameplay with the family as the core unit. It is a sense of belonging.Spoils acquired within the family can be auctioned, with profits shared among all family members.It is estimated that within 14 days of opening the service, the total number of scorekeeping ingot in the family has exceeded 130 million, and the number of red envelopes has exceeded 9.44 million.It’s worth noting that The face to face trading system in Sword World 3 is different from other wuxia games. Players can not only trade high value items face to face, but also set up stalls to sell unbound items.Even players can act as pawns, with more than 620 million jade transactions in 14 days, an average of 44 million a day.Many players even posted that the game can really make money by moving bricks.In a word, players in this game, always be placed in the first place by the official, even when moving bricks in the game is also taken care of by the official.In this sense, the authorities are conscientious enough to care about the player experience, and the game is well-made enough, and who could refuse to make a game like this?