The first wave of Asian Olympic bonus in 22 years!SKP four stations, the total price of three words, slow no

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| | PART 1 opened the games to Beijing once again become the spotlight of the world’s leading role, the bird’s nest is located north the rings once again “the center of the universe”.Such a world-class spectacle will soon be repeated in Hangzhou.Five and a half years ago, Hangzhou was the host of G20, and six months later, Hangzhou will be the host of Asia, and the plate bearing the world’s attention is called Olympic Sports!It is easy to see that only the city’s “crown” can withstand such a top honor, especially for the emerging metropolises.The old center is old, the new center is still in its infancy, only the new center can carry the national mission twice!Hangzhou’s positioning of Olympic sports is a new city center.In the past year, the Olympic Games all the way to the east, the Asian Olympic region ushered in the top luxury SKP landing!Countless improvement thinking Asian Games village built!And the future headquarters of Qiantang Bay, future headquarters community, binxiao integration and other super city planning is born!The business is world-class, the supporting facilities are international, and the development strategy is provincial and municipal. Almost every major event above points out the main line of Asian Olympic = future Hangzhou.From Olympic sports to Asian Games village, from Binjiang to Ning Wei, the grand urban picture of The Asian Olympic region has made Hangzhou people salivate.As long as the budget is enough, any buyer of Hangzhou property market will not be the top of the market – Aao skipped.The result of such consensus is: The Asian Olympic buyers fight to become the field!2 | | PART not long ago, never a person of extraordinary powers curtilage “fu star tide impression” refresh hangzhou mansion new lottery history record, no room, room family for threshold both hit thus social security!Even more difficult, according to preliminary statistics, this year’s Olympic core area only left more than 300 houses can be sold!Ao new house has become a rich helpless bureau, not to mention the budget of ordinary buyers.But the good news is that the Asian Olympic Games is about to usher in a New Year’s surprise — the first opening of “Binxin Ning Wangfu”.Asian Olympic, riverside real estate, which is the hangzhou property market is extremely concerned about, not to mention the Asian Olympic + riverside real estate, and ning Wang house will be tied together.Prior to the Ao, binjiang property tied to the real estate, almost did not escape the fate of a room difficult to seek, such as holding tide government, cui Language Huating, holding tao government, bintao reflected on the moon, and now more than a ning wang government.Not only this, ning Wang mansion or this year on the lowest threshold of a Asian Ao, no one.Compared to the Olympic core area was robbed to break the head of 45,000, the price limit rose to 39,500 north of the city, 33,500 limit price, the total price of 3 words, look around the Asian Olympic no two.No exaggeration, the same price, the same area, ning Wang Fu is a competitive product of binjiang.| 3 | PART product level, ning at the mansion of binjiang standard, as always.Classic garden landscape, central landscape pool are in, the whole plate only 8 high-rise, open two times that is liquidated.As for the door model, it is ning wang fu’s good food, from three rooms to four rooms, just changed to improve can find suitable for their own white moonlight.In particular, about 128 square meters and about 142 square meters of fully functional apartments.▷ Binshim Yeongwangbu has 128 square meters of floor space, including a panoramic dining hall, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a runway balcony with a south-facing width of 6.7 meters.Two south to the room is absolutely more, unexpectedly can fill a group of half open type cloakroom, every inch space is used acme.The fourth room of about 142 square meters is more spacious and comfortable. The width of the south and side runway balcony adds up to a large flat layer.Be like ning wangfu such, can be compatible at the same time quality and 4 rooms whole functional door model, the 2 children times that has arrived can be changed more and more hard currency only.By the way, Ning Wangfu or scarce pure riverside real estate sole proprietorship real estate.Limit price + riverside produces enough attractive, but also only ning wangfu among them one heavy egg just.| | PART 4 to buy a house is to buy city and buy a city is to buy plates, oca bring ning mansion is definitely not a false reputation.Taking the east wind of the Asian Olympic Games, Ning Wangfu stood on the tuyair of urban construction, and the traffic network formed by the subway, expressways and main roads beside the real estate suddenly took shape.Take Line 7 to the west of Ningwangfu, four stops are Olympic Sports Center and SKP, five stops are Qianjiang New City, nine stops are lakeside, and all the essence areas of Hangzhou are beside you.Before the Asian Games, not far from the city expressway will also be open to traffic, and the airport expressway, rainbow expressway interweaving, the whole yongjiang and Jiangnan are in ning Wangfu foot accelerator.The construction of four roads in the north is one road to the west, connecting the city north and binjiang core area in series on the same artery.Commercial supporting facilities are also not willing to lag behind, three stops vientiane hui, four stops SKP, self-driving to the Olympic Sports impression city is just “a song time”.The industry has also pressed the accelerator button, and projects such as zhejiang University International Innovation Center and XDIAN Hangzhou Research Institute, which are listed as provincial key investment projects, have been awarded.Industrial agglomeration represents the agglomeration of highly educated people, high purchasing power and the value of quality real estate.Ning Wang Fu is extremely lucky, in the best time with the surging growth of the Asian Ao bump full, but also with a unique threshold limit price.| | PART 5 lottery data again and again to remind us that get in the car and the only money is not enough, social security, luck also is indispensable.And that’s just in last year’s relatively stable market. In 2022, I’m afraid luck will be the only way to distribute new homes in Asia.The central bank in a rare lunar New Year before a series of interest rate cuts, the NDRC property market reversal.Warm wind stroke face, window period is often fleeting.So, in the new house supply unusual shortage of Asia, entered the top flow of red disk hopeless low social security, low budget buyers, more should be the implementation of tian Ji horse racing type of housing strategy, after all, the budget is limited, the choice is limited.Easier to shortlist, get on the car ning Wang mansion is not more secure, and grounding of the window period grab it?It is not easy to set up aao, Binjiang and subway at the same time, let alone the lowest threshold of Aao.Looking around Aao, 3 million binjiang products, more than 4 million improved binjiang four rooms, say a unique is not excessive.So ning wangfu how to see are “slow hand without”, cherish it.-END- By Jing Ke editor by Jing Ke