She was 21 years old boyfriend abandoned, after marrying 15 years old disabled rich, now 50 years old happy life!

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For leaving, I believe that everyone is very familiar.In the 1980s, her appearance was highly appraised by the audience, and her starring films also left a deep impression on them.Although the entertainment circle beauty at that time, she walked out of the way of their own with their own heroic image.Cast zhao Min is very close to the original work.However li Zi’s real life is not as free and easy as Zhao Min however, she is a person who dares to pay for love, but also was hurt for love.At the age of 16, Lai fell in love with Wong Yuk Lang, a Hong Kong cartoonist 21 years her senior.After they fell in love, he threw a lavish party for Liz when she was 17.But before this, Huang Yulang has a wife, at that time the media thinks huang Yulang divorces because li Zi, put forward doubt to li Zi’s personal character, but even so, she still go her own way, deeply loving Huang Yulang.Only later Huang Yulang wants to remarry with ex-wife, put forward to part company with Li Zi, this paragraph of feeling just stops at this point.At that time, Li Zi was only 21 years old, she could not bear such a blow, she languished in vain, and even wanted to end her own life.Fortunately, Li Zi finally stood up and put her focus on her career.During this period, there are also many rich people pursuing Li Zi, but they did not have good results with Li Zi.Until Li Zi met Ma Tingqiang.Ma Tingqiang’s family is wealthy, a rich second generation, but physically disabled.It is also such, many people suspect that Li Zi is not really love Ma Tingqiang, but just fell in love with his rich identity.But at that time Li Zi condition is very good, after Li Zi’s rich is also numerous, do not lack of people after why she does not choose others to choose Ma Tingqiang?To say that is not true love, really can not be believed.Now li zi is 50 years old. She and Ma Tingqiang, who is 16 years older than her, are still happy and have three lovely daughters.Ma Tingqiang and Li Zi have been married for 13 years, two people love as before, Ma Tingqiang still can send flowers to Li Zi in the festival, Li Zi also expresses the husband’s love and protection to her, she can feel, this paragraph of feeling that is not valued is true love undoubtedly.In fact, sometimes choose a person, not necessarily the other side is handsome, good to yourself is the most important.I believe that Li Zi must be because understand this truth, finally chose the current husband.