Qishan court again won the award, to show the New Year’s new atmosphere

2022-06-24 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, the Court of Qishan continued to bring good news. After winning the honorary title of “Excellent Unit in the Assessment of county-wide target responsibility system”, the Court of Qishan was successively awarded as “Advanced Collective in 2021 Peace Construction and Modernization of Municipal Social Governance” by the county Party Committee and the county government, and “Advanced Collective in Provincial Supervision and liaison Work” by the Provincial High People’s Court.This is a strong interpretation of the hospital’s solid work to resolve conflicts and disputes based on judicial and enforcement work, promote social harmony and stability, and further improve the people’s sense of judicial gain and law enforcement satisfaction.In recent years, Qishan Court has actively participated in the innovation of social governance, continuously improved the level of socialized, law-based and professional comprehensive social governance, and achieved satisfactory results.First, we performed judicial functions in accordance with the law and vigorously promoted the construction of peace.Throughout the year, 4,874 cases were accepted, and 4,772 cases were tried (executed). Cases involving the use of evil cult organizations to undermine law enforcement were intensively tried, and evil cult organizations such as “Communist Party” and “Guanyinmen” were severely punished.We will quickly crack down on fraud, violence and drug-related crimes and severely punish crimes that endanger people’s lives and property.We severely cracked down on illegal logging, excavating ancient cultural sites and ancient tombs, and earnestly safeguarded national and social public interests. The quality and efficiency of trials were ranked among the top 50 grassroots courts in the province.Second, we will comprehensively deepen judicial openness to ensure that the people feel that justice is administered fairly.Judicial public platforms such as trial procedures, execution information, judgment documents and live trials have been improved. More than 3,000 judgment documents have taken effect publicly, and more than 400 court trials have been broadcast live.To publicize the work of the court through multi-channels and multi-dimensions, set up a publicity group for the Civil Code, went deep into the Party and government organs to publicize the knowledge of the Civil Code, and published more than 200 articles in the news media at all levels.Third, practice justice for the people and form a synergy to serve and resolve disputes.Litigation services have been optimized, including door-to-door filing, online filing, cross-domain filing and mail filing services, and litigation services have been made more inclusive, convenient, diversified and information-based.Relying on qishan “Micro Court” wechat group matrix, give full play to the advantages of “online village”, online answer people’s inquiries, provide judicial services, resolve conflicts and disputes, to achieve the network to run more, the masses less errands;Fourth, we will strengthen the team building and lay a solid foundation for a fair judicial system.We carried out solid efforts to improve the education of procuratorial and judicial personnel, dealt with chronic problems and problems caused by seven-year investigations, applied the first form of discipline enforcement oversight to nine high-ranking police officers, and improved 19 systems and mechanisms.We carried out the practical activity of “Doing practical things for the people”, introduced 10 judicial measures to facilitate and benefit the people, and in total handled 70 practical things for the people, giving the people a greater sense of gain in judicial activities.Honor carries the mission, The Times call for responsibility!Qishan court honors, is not only the county party committee, the county government and the superior court of the court’s performance of the affirmation, but also to drum up energy and spectrum of a new call.In 2022, on the basis of honor, qishan Court will continue to maintain a vigorous and promising state of mind, full of passion for doing business, carry forward the truth-seeking and pragmatic style, comprehensively improve the level of judicial capacity, and constantly create a new situation of court work!Editor: Wang Chenwei Editor: Zheng Libo Editor: Yao Qiming