Fifth personality: popular survival “purple skin” recommendation, exchange choose them, certainly not lose!

2022-06-24 0 By

Hello, everyone! This is the channel of Fun Youjun. I’m glad to share information about fifth personality with you!I believe many players know that in the current manor purple skin exchange card basic hand one, mainly because of the Spring Festival activities officially sent a batch.So many players are curious about what is the most cost-effective way to exchange skin. In fact, we have published relevant articles before, telling players to exchange a rule of purple skin unlock card, but even so, there are still some players do not know how to exchange.So since the player doesn’t know, let’s go into more detail.This time, we will make a complete recommendation for the popular survivers’ better skins, and players can choose according to our recommendation, so that they will not feel confused.Really exchange when the first choice of these skin, certainly will not lose!So what’s going on?Let’s follow the fun to see it together.This time it’s a bit more complicated, so we’re not going to segment it, and the player is just going to view it in our order.Machinist: The best result of our test so far is that the effect of horizon and swimsuit is better, and the feel of the gown will be a little heavy.Mercenary: this character has a lot of purple skin, we feel the effect of spring hand is really good, siming’s head is too big, Wolf skin is also good, cape skin really don’t like.Blind girl: if you want to feel comfortable, you can choose sweetheart cake. If you like cute shape, you can choose a girl who does not want to wake up. The other two purple skin is not good-looking.Priest: a character with more purple skin is recommended to choose bad luck skin first. For appearance level control, pilgrim or Samarra can be selected.Doctor: this is nothing to say, the first choice is definitely the past, but to wait for the return, you can wait patiently, other skin is not recommended first.Wewin: like the appearance level, choose the moon phase, this appearance level is really resistant, and then feel above the lone person is very good.Little girl: Just wait until the official transition to season 21. There is no other choice. This skin is really beautiful.Gardener: luo Sha heichun color is really too difficult to accept, LAN Boudojing dream can be a priority choice, gardener’s purple skin is not a lot.Acrobat: Without further ado, we feel ace is really the best choice, neither of the other two feel as delicate as this one.Explorer: We recommend the bird tongue. It looks cute. If you like a solid handle, you can choose Mr. Mole.Perfumer: you can choose Red Lingyan, the level of appearance is really good, fatal tenderness always feel a little bit worse.Mantras: we feel the zu zu skin is more beautiful, the other two skins feel just ok.Air force: mainly recommend Susanna, is really light a lot, is a comfortable skin to use.Conclusion: The other characters are not so popular, so we thought it would be better to use the purple skin unlocking card on the survival-survivor skin above, after all, there are still a few skin unlocking cards, so use them on the blade as much as possible.So what do you think is the best way to exchange skin?Welcome to post a message to communicate with us!