A shandong canteen chef turned suit king sold his shell to a guangdong tycoon and is still worth 3 billion yuan

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Article | | stream source business legend earlier, cedar met some trouble.Shandong Zibo Qixiang Tengda, quickly responded that it would not affect production and management.The chemical company, which evolved from a third-generation company owned by Qilushi, changed ownership in 2016.Guangdong rich Zhang Jin cedar, became a major shareholder.Qi Xiang tengda will do a car cheng Ju, from the boss into a “worker”, now 71 years old, still as the chairman and general manager.Although the wealth of the Hurun Rich List in 2021 reached 5.3 billion yuan, but after all, “now officials have to manage now”, still have to worry about.By contrast, Wang Guibo, who sold his listed company to Zhang Jin at about the same time, does not need to react to the change in a hurry.Wang Guibo is the founder of Groom Sinur Group, which also transferred its listed company to zhang’s company in 2017.But had done the unit canteen cook he, practice and car cheng ju is not quite the same.In fact, his business people are legendary.1, stubborn canteen cook cook can not be said to be bad, but it is not a very lofty occupation, from ancient times to the present.In pingshu, Xue Rengui’s “Firehead Army” was regarded as a miscellaneous brand and looked down upon by the regular army.Perhaps Wang doesn’t want to be a chef either.An early report on him said that in 1983, 19-year-old Wang guibo was drafted into the army with a dream, but within days of carrying a gun, he became a cook with a spoon.When soldiers have a “general dream”, never heard of cooking soldiers when the general.But Wang guibo is still very “revolution is a brick, where we need to move” consciousness, and “do a line of love.”He went to a star-rated hotel to learn cooking, and when he came back, he cooked a meal for the battalion commander. As soon as the battalion commander ate, it was good. “Stay here”, Wang Guibo became the cooking squad leader in the battalion headquarters.Later, he made one third-class merit and was awarded three times.That is not xue Rengui’s “fire army” rescue era, for a cook, this may be the “ceiling”.Four years later, Wang guibo retired and returned to his hometown, Weifang, Shandong province, where he was assigned to a labor service company under the municipal Labor Bureau.Still a cook — a cook in the canteen.But this time it didn’t last long.The next year, the company had to take back the sewing department contracted to others. The leader was worried about who to send to do the job well. He turned to Wang Guibo and said, “Would you like to be the manager of the sewing department?In China, there are many examples of a casual remark that can change a person’s life.Wang Guibo’s life because of this sentence, changed the direction of life.At that time, ready-made clothing was not popular, and the common people still used to pull a few feet of cloth to find a sewing shop. Wang Guibo, a cook, became the leader of three or four tailors.A few years ago, Wang guibo proved that he was no ordinary cook.Once again, he would prove that he was no ordinary tailor.In the 1990s, Zhucheng was very famous in the whole country. “Seizing the big and releasing the small” and “selling out” once made the whole country know that this town had been a prime minister in history.But that was years later.At that time, zhucheng had many foreign trade clothing companies.Wang Guibo went to learn art, he learned a kind of “turnip pants”, later sold, that year to the company to pay more than 200,000 yuan of profit.Initially, the company agreed to charge a management fee of 5,000 yuan.To his surprise, two years later, a letter of appointment, transferred to the manager, Wang Guibo became the deputy manager.Who can stand that?2. The king of suits can’t stand it and leaves.Wang Guibo went to another unit of the company, a small market selling oil, salt, sauce and vinegar.This is consistent with his background as a cook, but at this time Wang Guibo is no longer a cook.He found that zhucheng has more than 100 clothing foreign trade companies.What is the most indispensable part of making clothes?Sewing machine.The mode port will be broken.What kind of thinking should a good businessman have?It’s not about doing what other people do to make money.Jews are generally considered to be the most business-minded people in the world, and one example was given to show how their thinking differs from that of ordinary people: someone runs a gas station and makes a lot of money.The average person thinks, I’m opening a store next door.It makes money. The third guy opens another one.Gas stations will open more and more until no one makes money, someone will break down, close, and eventually reach equilibrium.Jewish people think, well, gas stations are very popular, people fill up their gas stations, ok, I open a restaurant or shop next door, and the driver may stop by to buy something or eat when he fills up his gas station.They were both happy that the gas station would increase their business if they earned their own money.Wang Guibo thought of a broken machine to repair, repair must have accessories, and there is no local sewing machine accessories.Selling accessories, like jews opening restaurants next to gas stations.As you can imagine, his business won’t be bad.So it takes talent to do business.Wang Guibo’s talent was soon reflected.The leader of the company wanted to go abroad for investigation, and wanted to make a suit. Wang Guibo, who had been in charge of the tailor department, led the leader to find a tailor shop to make a suit. The leader was not satisfied after wearing it, and finally had to go to Qingdao to buy a suit.That gave Wang another inspiration — yes, why not make suits?Three months later, when the leader came back, he had built the suit factory, although there were only a few machines and a few people.The real start came from an opportunity in 1995.At that time, Qingdao Railway bureau to change uniforms for employees, after receiving the news, Wang Guibo immediately ran to pull business.The other party did not believe his strength, said to come to the factory to have a look.They didn’t have much power at the time. They only had a few pieces of equipment.Wang Guibo made an appointment to come back to the factory a week later.Wang guibo temporarily borrowed space from the company, and the sewing machine factory credit more than 100 sewing machines.In just one week, it “built” a decent garment factory.For this order, they took 60,000 sets, with a processing fee of 28 yuan per set, and made it for a year.At this time, suits and other garments, has been in the nationwide popularity, Shanshan, Youngor and other southern clothing enterprises, it is at this time up.After finishing the 60,000 uniforms, the machines and workers couldn’t stay idle, so Wang switched to ready-to-wear, mainly suits.This led to the later groom, the Sinur Suit, originally called the groom, but later added to the more western-looking name of “Sinur”.In 1999, the garment factory restructuring, Wang Guibo became a major shareholder.In 2010, Chinur was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.At this time, Wang Guibo has become the King of Suits in China. His suits, shirts and ties are not only sold in shopping malls, but also have a large number of exclusive stores throughout the country.In 2016, Cedar acquired Qixiang Tengda in Zibo, immediately turned its eyes to Xinur.In June of that year, Wang Guibo sold sinur’s shares to Cedar for a total price of about 4.2 billion yuan.As a result, Zhang Jin, a guangdong tycoon, replaced Wang Guibo as the big boss of the listed company.Wang Guibo’s practice, and zibo Qi Xiang tengda car into gather not quite the same.Che Chengjucheng sold most of the shares of Qixiang Group, the parent company of qixiang Tengda, a listed company, to Zhang Jin;But Wang Guibo only sold the equity of the listed company Held by the groom Sinur Group to Zhang Jin, and still retained the group.Mr. Che and the executive team mostly stayed on, working for the new boss (with shares of his own, of course).And Wang Guibo withdrew from the listed company.The groom, Sinur Group, has other businesses: furniture, which it entered in 1998;Real estate, 2008;In addition, there are hotels (Michigan Hotel), kindergartens and so on. Of course, there is a part of the clothing business, which was not in the listed company, but also remained.The subsequent wave of operations was even more unexpected.In December of that year, Wang Guibo bought back planio’s men’s clothing, which was owned by The listed company Sinur, at a price of 685 million yuan.In December 2020, it bought Shandong Sinur at a price of 508 million yuan.In the middle, Wang Guibo also bought back some shops.A wave of operation down, with the original Sinur sold clothing business back to The hands of Wang Guibo.Of course, this has a lot to do with the fact that Cedar does not want to do clothing. They pay more attention to cultural travel, supply chain and other businesses. After selling Shandong Sinur to Wang Guibo in December 2020, Sinur has completely withdrawn from the service industry.In August 2021, the company also changed its name to Cedar Development.Cedar staged is “buy casket and return beads”, Wang Guibo play is “sell beads”.Of course, whether the clothing business is really “beads” is another matter.In short, several times, Wang Guibo seems to have just sold the listed company “shell”, other content has not changed.As for the price difference between one buy and one sell, we can calculate.According to the Hurun Rich List in 2021, Wang’s wealth is 3 billion yuan.Of course, some people compare the wealth of car chengju — 5.7 billion yuan, saying that others have more wealth.These are two different ways to play, and it’s hard to say which is better.But from cook, to suit king, and then a wave of operation, we have to say that Wang Guibo’s business mind and operation skills, not ordinary people have.