Xiangyang Fanxi ushered in a new opportunity to build a national logistics park

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Xiangyang Fanxi rising soon!Seize to create a national logistics park opportunities to promote the development recently saw FanXi in xiangyang city new district, zhongtong express, transfar highway port and good neighbor supermarket day, medicine, industry and trade of home appliances, tao county, eight big market, and many other logistics is closely related to the unit has gathered here, as the provincial FanXi modern commercial logistics park “upgraded” FanXi national logistics park to lay the solid foundation.Fancheng New Area is one of the two development zones in charge of Fancheng. Business logistics is one of the major supports, and it is also the core area for Fancheng to build the region’s first consumer landmark gathering place, regional market hub and national logistics hub of Fancheng city.The Xiangyang Center of ZTO Express is also known as zto Express Northwest Hubei Center, with a total investment of more than 700 million yuan, including aviation logistics, regional settlement center, cold chain logistics sorting center, and other sub-projects, covering an area of 500 kilometers.The center is an important base of ZTO Hubei plate, zto Express company is one of the world’s top 2000 enterprises, one of the domestic industry giants.Xiangyang Zhongtong Project only took 5 months to start, complete and put into operation, which was one of the enterprises that achieved the fastest income in Fanxi New Area at that time.The excellent local business environment and the decision of the project party to reserve land, expand scale and increase investment are also good stories.The first phase of xiangyang Chuanhua Highway Port Logistics Project has a total investment of more than 1.3 billion yuan. The first phase is now in operation, introducing more than 100 enterprises such as China Post, Dongfeng Motor, XUGong Machinery, Shell and so on, and creating thousands of jobs.According to statistics, the average daily cargo throughput of Xiangyang Chuanhua Highway Port exceeds 3000 tons, and the average daily cargo value is nearly 50 million yuan.Xiangyang Chuanhua Highway Port logistics project is an industry of Chuanhua Group, which ranks 199th among China’s top 500 enterprises and 64th among China’s Top 500 Private enterprises.Chuanhua Group has two listed companies and more than ten national high-tech enterprises, covering more than 130 countries and regions in the world.Before that, the most famous name card of Fanxi is “Market New City”, which is the largest commerce and trade whole area in northwest Hubei with eight markets as the main body, and the frontier position of western expansion of Fancheng.It is reported that Fanxi New Area was launched in 2011, and the initial concept of the new area included along Wolong Avenue. Three years later, the market group composed of zhonghao, Qiaofeng, Xinhuop and other commercial and trade industries was built, attracting tens of thousands of merchants, and once became the area with the highest floating population growth.In 2015, the leaders of Hubei Province requested to vigorously promote the construction of Fanxi New Area when they came to Xiangyang for investigation, which ushered in a new stage of development. By 2018, the annual turnover of Fanxi Logistics Park exceeded 45 billion yuan.Nowadays, in addition to the wholesale market, there are also manufacturing factories and modern logistics clusters, forming a posture of diversified industries going hand in hand. With the improvement of infrastructure in Fanxi and the passage connecting with the old city, Fanxi New Area will be fully integrated into the main city. It will be the core area of a new round of northern expansion of the city, which will surely promote the rise of Fanxi.With the support of logistics industry, it will be a step closer to establish a national logistics park, which will create more development opportunities for Fanxi and open up greater development space for Xiangyang.It is understood that Fancheng district is a standard first-class city, striving to build a high-quality business service area of “the best in the whole city and the first-class in the whole province”, and becoming a state-level modern trade and logistics center integrating production and processing, commodity trade, warehousing and logistics, tourism and culture, and intelligent interconnection.According to the development strategy, Fanxi will form a 100-billion-level trade logistics industry chain, build a national backbone logistics cold chain base, upgrade to the first place in adjacent areas of Hubei, Henan and Shaanxi, and the leading consumption destination in the central region.