This kind of Spring Festival goods are in short supply!The tide and wind blow strongly

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Spring Festival is approaching, people are busy shopping in the market to buy New Year’s goods, Spring Festival couplets, lighting and other festival products have also entered the sales season, as the national small commodity wholesale and distribution center, Yiwu, Zhejiang province, is full of festive Chinese red, so how is the festival market this year, what are the new changes?The reporter in Zhejiang Yiwu’s antithetical New Year pictures calendar professional street to see, shops are covered with red lanterns, the wall pasted with antithetical couplets, fu.The God of wealth is holding a smart phone to send red envelopes, kitchen God is sending milk tea cake ice cream, door god is with Iron Man, Ultraman than force….In order to meet the needs of consumers and cater to the aesthetic taste of young people, traditional New Year paintings have been hand-painted with new ideas.Zhejiang yiwu couplet New Year calendar professional street door BaoShuang beauty: this year is the best we sell these couplets couplet suit the boom, these products are original products, because is the year of the tiger, and we design the product elements more lovely, cartoon, combined the tide, so sell really well this year, could have sold nearly 1 million sets.Coming year of the tiger, in you mind those mighty big tiger, the creation of design could become innocently “cat”, printing to the products of all kinds of festival, let a person see the call.Business owners also spent more energy to develop a variety of styles, seize the market, such as simulation of tiger stickers, tiger red envelopes, all kinds of tiger image plush toys are in short supply.Zhejiang Yiwu International Trade City operator CAI Huapeng: there are dozens of new models every year, every year to design zodiac, zodiac series have 10-20 sets, basically every customer to bring zodiac.Xu Liufang, a professional street dealer in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, said: “This year is ok. Basically, they are bursting. Every day, they are so busy that they have been receiving orders for almost 24 hours.As the Spring Festival approaches, Chinese trend-style products are not only popular at home, but also around the world, financial commentator Wang Qiang commented on the phenomenon.Not only the Chinese New Year shopping market has set off a “national tide cultural and creative” wind, the appearance of the level of strength of the “national tide equipment” also in the overseas strength circle fans.Guochao not only combines traditional and modern, intelligent manufacturing and brand, feelings and confidence, but also meets the needs of three aspects.Through the carrier of cultural creation, the traditional culture of the Spring Festival is presented in an innovative way, which not only deduces the eastern aesthetic conception, but also injects more vitality into the traditional culture, and endoweth more cultural connotation to the Chinese “New Year flavor”.2, personalized demand for young consumer groups, the Spring Festival flavor not only comes from holidays and visiting relatives and friends, but also from being surrounded by the “national trend” of New Year goods.The trend of buying, using and basking in the country arouses the cultural resonance of young consumers at the same time, it is also becoming a new consumption trend.With the rise of Guocao, guocao products incorporating Traditional Chinese cultural elements often stand out as “popular styles”, creating a “Chinese style” in the global market.From the national tide to the global circle of powder, the interpretation of the new strength of Chinese manufacturing.With the support of the national trend, the “New Year flavor” of the Spring Festival is getting stronger and stronger. It shows the unique charm of traditional culture in a trendy way and infuses new vitality into the Spring Festival goods.And the overseas road of “Guochao” brand is getting wider and wider, which not only refreshes the world’s impression of “Made in China”, but also witnesses the rise of Chinese cultural confidence.Source/CCTV Finance