The delicate relationship between Wang Jianlin and Wang Sicong, who ruthlessly undermines his father

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Once sa beining asked Wang if he was referring to his real estate boss Wang Shi. Wang was very curious and asked sa why he said that.Sa Beining then said, “You once said that an entrepreneur cannot be a good entrepreneur if he goes to climb mountains all day long. So Wang Shi often goes to climb mountains. Isn’t wang Shi a good entrepreneur?””I never said anything like that,” Wang said. “I never meant anything like that. Don’t sow discord here.”Sa beining replied, “I did not stir up trouble, nor did I ask.”In addition, As an entrepreneur, Wang jianlin is almost universally known, and now owns wanda Group in most parts of China.His son, Wang Sicong, also became a disciplinary inspector in the entertainment industry and often hit his father, Wang Jianlin, in the face.Wang jianlin once described himself as a highly educated person, but when Wang Sicong heard this, he directly pointed out that his father joined the army at the age of 16 and had little exposure to higher education.And someone once asked Wang Sicong if his father got up early and worked late every day.Wang sicong says he only has one day like this every year, so it’s almost impossible to believe.Wang Sicong, as Wang Jianlin’s son, hit his father hard in the face.Have to say, so Wang Jianlin face where to put, at least is also an entrepreneur.And it has been said that Wang Jianlin is afraid of almost no one in the company, except his son, of course, he also gave Wang Sicong a lot of room for growth.Do you support Wang Jianlin?