Luzhou Na ‘ai button class: the first class in the farm

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Farm in the first lesson “nature + science + rule of law” assorted dinner long on the ground, swim in the water, how to define agricultural products?Thousands of households, three meals a day, eat all kinds of vegetables how to test sampling to ensure safety?Long knowledge, protection of rights and interests, agricultural products and food safety in what legal knowledge is closely related to us……In the first class of the spring semester, gulin County Procuratorate button class gave the answer.The field is the classroom, the vegetable field is the platform, and the “small base” speaks the “big truth”.On February 18, the first stop of the Year of the Tiger, The New Kou Class of Gulin County Procuratorate entered the vegetable base of Gulin Shuangshawo Farm, the green research and practice point of rule of law of Na ‘ai · Gou Class in Luzhou, and held the activity of “Big hands holding small hands and Spreading law together”, bringing a mixed meal of “nature + Science + rule of law” to the students.On the day of the activity, Liu Zhonglin, agronomist of Gulin Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Chen Yuling, inspector of Shuangsha Town Government’s Agricultural Service Station, and Li Jun, prosecutor of Gulin Procuratorate jointly served as the keynote speaker of the rule of law class.In the radish base, Liu zhonglin introduced the definition of agricultural products, production, labeling and recall system related to agricultural products and production enterprises, administrative law enforcement procedures and legal knowledge by combining the physical objects and examples of vegetables.In the cauliflower base, Chen Yuling, wearing professional testing equipment, introduced the matters needing attention of sampling and guided the students to take cauliflower samples by themselves.Then we came to the testing room, Chen Yuling demonstrated to the students how to carry out sampling detection, so that it can safely appear on the dining table of thousands of families.From a small seed to a rich fruit, to being picked and sampled to a safe and reassuring delicacy, the whole assembly line is a glimpse of the importance of food safety.Li Jun, the prosecutor, took the relevant laws and regulations of agricultural products and food safety as the entry point, and publicized the law to the students in terms of the protection of consumer rights, the connection between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, and the public interest litigation of food safety.A pair of eager to knowledge of the eyes kept turning, a branch of color writing pen quickly fell paper, the activity scene atmosphere is warm, from shuangsha town Hetun primary school fifth grade students listen carefully, actively participate.The students not only planted a seed of love for agriculture in their hearts, but also further enhanced the awareness of obeying the law, using the law and protecting the law through learning the laws and regulations of agricultural product safety.Luzhou, love, button class depends on the luzhou, protection of minors social support system, based on adolescent dissemination activities, by the whole family, school, community construction method, law-abiding, usage pattern, move the social from all walks of life force in adolescent education under the rule of law, full escort the healthy growth of teenagers.Sichuan Procuratorial new media production source | Luzhou Procuratorial Gulin County People’s Procuratorate Editor | Publicity Department