How do you not understand to drink jin Jun mei, niu LAN pit cinnamon, peony king, only say aroma characteristics on the line

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1. I have an old acquaintance, and I want to see you in particular.In the words of a dream of Red Mansions, it is “exclusively in charge of nine provinces and camel trading”.Where there’s a picture, there’s a picture.Where there’s a party, there’s her.Where there is tea, there is her.No problem social butterfly.Yesterday, she dragged me to tea — literally, I was making tea and dragged away from the table. Luckily, I was wearing house slippers, or I would have hurt my ankle.She was thrilled to be able to visit a bodiless lacquerware museum and sip tea.Sitting in her car, I finally remembered that when she was in middle school, she had signed up for the after-school interest class of bodiless lacquerware. It seemed that it was a lifelong pain for her not to become the successor of fuzhou’s Three treasures.Then we sat in a bodily-lacquered room, drinking a bottle of foot-fire cinnamon I’d brought with me.What about the tea?I gave her a look.Opposite is a sedate man, do bodiless lacquer, quite artistic style.Master a white porcelain tureen, dexterous manipulation of water, soup, flowing water.The artistic room was like a painting.She smiled and glanced at him, then at me, then introduced him, then me.He kept complimenting me on my tea.Well, you fooled me, and you just want to get away with it, no way.So I test her, what is good about this tea?Tell me.”Well, the flavor is very special, the aroma is very special, I can’t describe it, but it’s just delicious!”Say that finish, also wink wink ask each other, you say is not?I couldn’t stand this guy’s matchmaker face, so I didn’t sit for long, so I left.”2″ came back and drank this foot fire cinnamon again.The firework is too full, the caramel is too strong, the cinnamon is temporarily covered, only a small part is released, and the release time is too late.After burning incense wood incense, cinnamon incense is late.And osmanthus fine, more secluded, not so make public warm.The soup is smooth, thick and glutinous, and has the consistency of glutinous rice soup.There is cinnamon in the water, and the cinnamon is very rich, full in the tea soup, is the thin wisp of thick, in the water running through the throat, the cinnamon out of the stab, out of the point, and instantly sank into the bottom of the soup.The orchids in the tail water come on stage, accompanied by cinnamon, have the potential of two incense war.Indeed, lanxiang belongs to daffodil, cinnamon belongs to cinnamon, and daffodil is the ancient king of tea, while cinnamon is the uncrowned king of rock tea in the world. The coexistence of old and new Kings is very awkward originally. Therefore, whenever lanxiang and cinnamon are combined, there will always be someone who unconsciously compares them.Like “yu liang”, eternal life is also being compared in general.”3″ actually, this kind of foot fire cinnamon, is commendable.There are no bugs except that the firework is slightly off and the cinnamon is slightly off.But why did my friend, who had dragged me out, fail to tell me its advantages and disadvantages?All she would say was, it was special, it was special.This praise is not sincere – just think, what tea does not fit the “characteristic aroma, very special” eight characters?Six kinds of tea, randomly pick a tea, as long as the quality of a little online, are applicable to “aroma characteristics, very special” this eight-word comments.It can be said that anyone who does not understand tea can use the eight words “aroma has a characteristic, very special” to express his evaluation of a tea that is “impossible to tell what is really good about it”.For example, if a person who does not know tea is asked to comment on a certain tea, he is embarrassed to say that this tea is not good, so he can only say, “Aroma has characteristics, very special”!Describe a bubble jin Jun eyebrow, can say, “aroma characteristic, very special”.Niulankeng cinnamon can be described as “aroma characteristic, very special”.To describe the king of peony in the mountain, we can still say, “aroma has characteristics, very special”.Look, this eight-character truth is really the “ten thousand essential oil” of the tea circle is also, which tea body, are particularly appropriate.Not to offend, but also to show that they have culture, taste, style.4. In fact, if a tea really leaves people speechless and unable to tell what is good about it, then this tea may be really bad.For example, we give a student to write comments, can be said, serious learning, active service for the class, respect teachers unite students……Be true not line, still can praise him “love labor”…..But if a student, who has nothing to do with any of the words mentioned above, can’t write anything good about him when he’s writing his comments, that’s a terrible thing.One does not unite classmates, and do not respect teachers, but also study not seriously, do not actively serve the class, even labor do not love the students, there is the need to write comments?Just walk out the door.This principle is also applicable to a tea.A tea should have aroma, taste and sense of soup.On aroma, there are floral fragrance, fruit fragrance, pekoe fragrance, rice fragrance, medicinal fragrance, aged fragrance, wood fragrance, reed leaf fragrance and so on.On the taste, there are mellow, chun he, fresh, qingyue and so on.On the sense of soup, there is thick smooth, delicate, silky smooth, soft, light and so on experience.Even the shortcomings can be bitter, astringent, sour, thin, bland, evil mouth, like the tongue on the rock friction, like a bomb through the tongue….And so on.These descriptions, these words, these feelings, whether good or bad, can be put into a tea, as long as the tea gives people such feelings.But if a tea, in addition to let people say that special, said that the characteristics, all the other things can not be said, then if not the level of the tea critic is not enough, or the tea is not high quality, thin quality, lackluster.Every kind of tea has its advantages and disadvantages.The downside of this cinnamon, for example, is that it’s too niche, not commoditized, not marketable, not kitsch.It is not yellow Guanyin, the sky of incense;It is not like the golden peony, from the first flush has a bright gardenia flowers;It is not like Chilan, with the fragrance of orchids;It is not like the bird tongue, there are enchanting qinhuai eight yan powder incense.But it wins in chunhou, wins in introverted and calm.It is like the heart of a forty-year-old man, calm, open-minded, rich, and childlike.Its characteristics are so distinct.If such a distinctive tea can not be described as good or bad, it is really necessary to take a good course in drinking tea.Drinking tea is delicate work.No matter how old tea is, if you don’t drink it seriously, you can never drink its true taste.Do not after N years, only to find that virtual long only age.The experience, the level, the skill didn’t go up at all.That’s really, really sad.Original is not easy, if you think this article is helpful to you, please help to like.Pay attention to learn more about white tea and rock tea!Gu Chen is a columnist and chief writer of the original innovative media “Xiao Chen Tea” in the tea industry. 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