“Green Puhui Cloud” Webank was listed on Forbes Global Blockchain 50 list

2022-06-23 0 By

China News Network Beijing On February 12 (reporter Pan Xulin)According to the Publicity and Education Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment on Tuesday, Webank, a government carbon inclusive project served by Green Cloud, has been named one of The world’s top 50 blockchains in 2022 by Forbes magazine.According to introducing, the Banks in order to “green PuHuiYun” and while luzhou “green shoots integration”, through the application block chain technology, makes carbon emissions data transparency, in the process of distribution, distribution and other effects of individuals, enterprises, government carbon books links, and incentives to green low carbon action, to promote consumption carbon neutral, inspire the enthusiasm of all luzhou citizens to participate in the carbon neutral,The social value is enormous.Luzhou “Green Shoots Integral” is a carbon inclusive platform created by “Green Universal Cloud – Carbon Emission Reduction Digital Ledger” for Luzhou City government of Sichuan Province.The platform for the Chinese environmental protection association “citizen green carbon reduction quantify behavior” is based on group standards, guiding by the ecological environment propaganda and education center, through the records and quantitative, to provide for each luzhou citizens in different platforms, such as the practice of green behavior, power while luzhou government generate carbon books, let every citizen have personal carbon books,It is an important tool for the government to promote green and low-carbon actions by digital means, and effectively helps the region take the lead in achieving carbon neutrality.On June 5 last year, “Green Shoots Score” was selected as one of the top 10 public participation cases of 2021 in the “Action Plan to Improve Citizens’ Awareness of Ecological Civilization” of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.At the same time, “Green Universal Cloud — Carbon Emission Reduction Digital ledger” integrates the public into the realization of dual carbon goals and the carbon finance process, effectively complementing the carbon emission reduction at the consumption end and the carbon emission reduction at the production end led by the government, helping to form a green and low-carbon lifestyle for the whole society, full of innovative and leading spirit.In November last year, it won the INNOVATION Award at the IFF Global Green Finance Awards, one of only 10 projects around the world.It is reported that the Publicity and Education Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment is taking the lead in initiating the establishment of a carbon inclusive cooperation network to gather forces from all sectors of society to promote carbon emission reduction in the way of carbon inclusive, and to help all parts of the country achieve carbon peak and carbon neutral goals in the consumer side.(after)