Four-month-old baby injured in car accident, yueyang high-speed relay rescue opened life channel

2022-06-23 0 By

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily · Xinhunan, January 29, (all media reporters and tingting reporter Yuan Wei Liu Baiyang) About 21 o ‘clock on January 28, G56 Hangzhou Rui High-speed Zhan Bridge toll station near the west K769 km east to west direction, due to rain and snow bad weather occurred a number of car rear-end accident, resulting in an infant injured,Urgent need for medical treatment in a nearby hospital.The baby, who was just four months old, was badly damaged in the crash, with the airbag fully deployed.The baby’s parents were so anxious that they were at a loss. This situation was just discovered by luo Law, a member of the Party Committee and vice premier of the branch in the first-line command and dispatch of anti-ice protection. He quickly organized personnel to carry out rescue, first arranged for the driver to drive to the plaza outside the zhongfang toll station to wait, and called 120 emergency telephone.At 22:06, the baby was sent to taolin Town health center, accompanied by toll station master Jiang Dingwei, the doctor carried out a series of preliminary examinations on the baby, and said there were no obvious injury characteristics.At 22:42, linxiang city people’s Hospital 120 ambulance arrived, the doctor also carried out a series of first aid measures.Seeing the baby was sent to 120 ambulance, Jiang Dingwei was relieved to return to the station to continue his duty.On January 29, Jiang dingwei received a thank you message from the baby’s mother.It is reported that the baby is safe after emergency treatment, and the family is going home for the Spring Festival.[Blame: Xue Lin]