Folded into a pyramid formation to play arena, Wolong group of three army martial arts very particular about the arrangement of troops

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As we all know, military exercises are an important way to train the technical and tactical level of troops and enhance their comprehensive combat capability.Not only did the armies of modern sovereign states carry out military exercises of various sizes from time to time, but also countries and separatist warlords in the era of cold weapons would carry out military exercises by means of hunting and field drills.As a hard core corps to go against the line of the hand tour, the martial arts mode is also very interesting.”Three Armies” is open to players at 7pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each opponent defeated will earn a certain number of points, and the final season as a cycle of settlement reward.The main threshold for joining the “Three Armies” is that the number of generals under our command must meet the minimum number of participants, because if we want to compete with other players, we must arrange the following five formations.Slug it out: one of us to meet one of the other.Two dragons playing bead array: we send two people to fight against the other party sent two people.SAN Yang Kaitai: we sent three people to fight against the other three.Embattled on all sides: four men from our side against four men from the other side.Five men from our side against five men from the other side.There were 15 people in total, and we had to train at least 15 generals to make up the size of the contestants.From the panel, the opposing sides look like stacked into two pyramids, starting from the spire and hitting the base.The “Three Armed Forces” is a best-of-five matchup, meaning you need to win at least three of the five matches to win one match.In other words, we do not have to win, like Tian Ji horse racing learning to choose is the way to win.Arrange the best characters into one or two squads, and make sure that the other three squads are superior to the opponent.Players who have already been assigned to the squad cannot be repeated in another squad.Characters that are “coded” will be fixed and team numbers will be used to prompt the player, so balanced cultivation and skill sets will be very important.The use of limited human resources to match the invincible team, which can be a bit of a test of the player’s personnel management level.It was a relatively long process to win all five rounds of the “Three Armed Forces”.Want to save the friends can open automatic martial arts, so you can free hands.After the victory of the card flip reward link can also be quickly skipped, want to get more rewards have to consume ingot, feel unnecessary on the default system to turn.In addition to the generous rewards at the end of the season, “The Three Armed Forces” also set up automatic distribution of supplies at the end of a single event, divided into ranking awards and winning streak awards.Copper coins, treasure chests, and gems are all must-haves in the world, and should not be missed in every round of drills.