Can smooth mechanics release performance?ColorOS 12 added the two models to the performance list

2022-06-23 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday has just ended, I believe that those who care about digital products, especially smart phones, must be very looking forward to the next release of the new phone.But until then, let’s take a look at the latest Android performance rankings released by Antutu and find out which smartphones are at the top of the list.Of course, according to the list of data to consider whether you need a new machine, is also a good point to look at oh.As we can see, in the performance rankings of Android mid-range phones released by Antutu in January 2022, many of them are equipped with snapdragon 778G processor, of course, there are also OPPO Reno6 equipped with Breguet 900 processor.The OPPO Reno7, also powered by the Snapdragon 778G processor, also made it to the top of the list at number three.To know, these two green factory mobile phones but released nearly nine months and three months of mobile phone, can see their figure in the New Year’s performance list, it can be imagined that OPPO to their optimization and adjustment should be very in place.(The system-level optimization of ColorOS 12 is key.) And when it comes to their performance, I think ColorOS has a lot to do with it.Especially after getting the support of ColorOS 12, the overall fluency and performance of the already excellent OPPO Reno6 and OPPO Reno7 have been greatly improved.For example, In ColorOS 12, the quantum animation engine 3.0 and the AI self-flow engine 2.0 enable OPPO phones to operate efficiently all the time.Among them, quantum Animation Engine 3.0 relies on the three underlying technologies of dynamic damping, speed inheritance and limit feedback to achieve smooth operation of OPPO phone.OPPO, ColorOS 12, offers a silky, smooth operating experience.In addition, AI self-flow engine 2.0 can use AI unified resource scheduling and AI storage compression to help users regularly clean up garbage and debris, and always keep the internal space of the phone in the best condition.(ColorOS 12 features add to that.) At the same time, features like those in ColorOS 12 can improve overall performance on phones running the system.Such as flash cards, smart sidebar 2.0, free floating Windows, etc.Through faster and more efficient operation logic, users can complete operation tasks in daily use as soon as possible. In my opinion, this is also an excellent performance.After all, it takes a good mobile operating system to get the best out of a phone and extend its life.(OPPO’s ColorOS system fits more models.) In short, in today’s smartphones, software computing power is also important in addition to hardware configuration.OPPO has polished ColorOS so well that it has no problem being in the top tier of mobile systems in the country.At the same time, I hope that OPPO engineers will continue to work on the ColorOS 12 algorithm to reach as many OPPO models as possible, as quickly as possible, to meet the needs of as many users.