Baoyu saw King Beijing, is it for the fu line, fu line?

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In the 14th episode of a Dream of Red Mansions, Jia Baoyu pays a visit to King Beijing. It is said that at Qin Keqing’s funeral, King Shuirong of Beijing came to pay a sacrifice in person and asked for Baoyu by name.Shui Rong was very modest and asked Jia Zhengdao, “Which one was born with jade in his title?We wanted to see each other a few times, but we were all blocked by clutter. I thought I was here today, so why not come and see you?”When Jia Zheng heard of this, he hurried back and ordered Baoyu to take off his filial clothes and bring him back.Bao Yu had listened to the gossip of her father, brother, relatives and friends, and praised Shui Rong as a virtuous king, who was born with both talent and beauty, romantic and unrestrained, and was not bound by official customs and national style.Every time I thought of seeing him, my father was so strict and unprovoked that I liked to call him today.This paragraph has a fat ink stone side batch: Baoyu see King Jing north, is after the text fu line.Is the next volt. What is the volt line?In this regard, I made the following speculations.First, the foreshadowing of jia Baoyu’s association with King Beijing.When King Beijing saw Baoyu, he said, “Baoyu looks like treasure and looks like jade.” He liked it so much that he allowed Baoyu to go to his home to study.Though he was not a genius, he was greatly admired by all the famous men of the sea, who came to the city.If your son talks a lot, he will be able to learn more day by day.”King Beijing invited Baoyu to the palace to talk about learning. This was all a grand title, but in essence, baoyu was invited to play with him.Just like Baoyu invited Qin Zhong to jia Jia Shuo for study, reading is false, playing is true.Later in the article, Baoyu should go to the Palace of The King of Beijing to play, and the relationship between the king of Beijing from unfamiliar polite to close, so that Baoyu went to jinchuan to take the King of Beijing as a shield.Wang Xifeng’s birthday that day, also happens to be the birthday of Gold Bracelet, Baoyu secretly went out to pay homage to the dead gold bracelet.Jia’s mother was very angry and blamed him for going out without permission on sister Feng’s birthday.Baoyu said, “King Beijing has lost a concubine he loves so much. King Beijing is crying like a dog. He cannot come back.Later, The coir raincoat and bamboo hat That Baoyu wore on rainy days were delicate and light. Daiyu praised them. Baoyu said that they had been sent by King Beijing, and If She liked them, Daiyu could make a set for her.This shows the intimacy between Baoyu and King Beijing, otherwise Baoyu would not ask king Beijing for things so naturally.The relationship between Baoyu and King Beijing feels especially like that between Qin Zhong and Baoyu.They were both handsome young men, who admired each other. They must have known each other for a long time.The relationship between King Beijing of Fu Xia and Daiyu.In the book a Dream of Red Mansions, the gray lines of grass snake can be traced to thousands of miles of volts. The pen is broken and the meaning is connected. Ordinary small details may ambush the big joints of the later text.The loss of the manuscript eighty times later leaves room for the reader’s imagination.Later in the article, the Beijing king and Daiyu will happen some stories?The article mentions two gifts from King Beijing to Baoyu.King Beijing presented Bao Yu with wagtail rosary beads given by the emperor for their first meeting.At that time, Daiyu went back to Suzhou for the funeral. Baoyu immediately gave the beads to Daiyu.But Daiyu said: “What smelly man took it!I don’t want him.”He threw it away and did not take it.And the rain gear.Baoyu said he could give Daiyu a set, but Daiyu didn’t take it.The two gifts bao Yu received from King Beijing were both rejected by Daiyu.After speculating Beijing king may and Daiyu produced the intersection.Baoyu should have mentioned to King Beijing how his sister Lin was so talented and transcendent.It was not impossible for King Beijing to yearn for The love of Daiyu.Later, when Jia’s house fell, King Beijing took advantage of others’ troubles and sought to marry Daiyu.But There was only Baoyu in Daiyu’s heart. All the other men were “stinky men” to her.Daiyu had rejected king Beijing’s right to anything, and she would reject him as a person.To king Beijing’s proposal, Daiyu would rather die than accept it. “It’s better to be clean than to fall into the mud.”Besides, Daiyu was reincarnated to return the favor with tears. Her tears only flowed for Baoyu. How could she marry someone else?