Why jade fluorescence

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Jade is through the light refraction caused by an optical phenomenon.Fluorescent said for this kind of rock is the concept of jade jade, can be observed in this kind of light, hazy white light, jade industry referred to as “fluorescent”, is jade through an optical phenomenon caused by the refraction of light, usually only appear in the kind of old, crystal particles in tiny, head to foot, transparent jade, and in order to highlight the fluorescence effect,Jade carvers often carve this kind of jade into spherical surfaces to better gather light and form a soft white light.Under ultraviolet light, objects emit blue or green light, which is the fluorescence reaction.It is one that can be seen with the naked eye.In addition, under normal circumstances, most of the fluorescent reaction belongs to the fluorescent stone, not jade.Of course, there is another possibility, that is to be processed, added fluorescent agent jade.Some bad businesses will be the quality of bad jade, “cosmetic” into a good kind of water, good color jade, shoddy selling high.Fortunately, these inferior jade, in the ultraviolet light, these evil spirits all show their true form.