The less skilled the man, the more stubborn

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Article | Jiang Feifei (rich book author) the more skilled people, the more with the round on the square;The less skilled the man, the more stubborn he is.In our life, we will meet these two kinds of people: those who have ability, who know deeply and despise to show off their ability, but work hard silently and keep a low profile;No ability of the people, cognitive superficial, wanton display of their talent, opinionated, set in their ways.There is a saying on the Internet: “A person’s cognition determines thought, thought determines action, and action determines results.”People’s cognition is different, and they will react differently to the same thing, leading to different results.The more skilled people, the more with the circle on the square;The less skilled the man, the more stubborn he is.In the TV drama “The Way of Heaven”, Liu Bing, who was originally a low-level peddler, became a shareholder of The Gelishi Group by chance.Before the company was established, Liu Bing gave himself the name card of the office director, and drove a BMW everywhere to eat and drink with evil friends, just like a successful person.Good times did not last long, when I heard that the company received a huge compensation lawsuit, immediately incited Ye Xiaoming, Feng Shijie to find Ouyang Xue out of the stock.When he finally succeeded in quitting, he shamelessly asked Ding yuanying to help him stay in the company.Ding Yuanying had already seen through his personality, but read and he had a record of friendship, so a “two-pronged” game.He gave Ms. Liu a sealed document that he said was the original evidence that could overturn the metrical poetry lawsuit.Liu bing thought he had a chance to make a fortune. He first offered to sell it to a competitor at a high price, and then threatened Ouyang Xue with a stake in it.To his surprise, the so-called original evidence turned out to be a blank sheet of paper.Ashamed and angry, he was on his way to a dead end.Liu Bing is not capable. If he does things conscientiously, he can do well, but because of his superficial cognitive pattern, he ends up in a miserable end.One of the obvious characteristics of incompetent people is their low level of self-awareness.I have seen a picture of a cognitive circle: a person stands in the center of the circle. The incompetent and ignorant person has a smaller circle and thinks the whole world is what he sees.A person with great skill and high cognition has a larger circle, a larger boundary to the world, and a larger view of the world.Writer Zhang Cen-xi said, “Our cognition is an invisible ruler, which measures the results of our judgments to the outside world.”Incompetent people have a single point of view, refuse to reflect, do not want to learn, more reluctant to accept new things, and even evolve into excessive paranoia, it is difficult to progress.Less ability, superficial cognition, cognitive blindness is more, easy to think that they know everything, and then adhere to the inherent cognition.The lower the cognitive level, the more stubborn people are.Feng Chen once shared a story: her old Zhang was tortured and haggard by a newly recruited young man.I had thought that the young man was professional and excellent, and that he would be able to add color to his company, but I was disappointed.The young man is always going his own way and his plan is not satisfactory.Manager Zhang spent a lot of time explaining the irrationality of the plan to him, but he just wouldn’t listen.Once Manager Zhang was cornered and said his plan was no good.Hearing this, the young man immediately raised his voice: “How can the plan not work?My old boss approved of me the most. He said what I did was the most professional.”Manager Zhang explained that the company has different ideas and different requirements, so let him change the plan.The young man just did not change the plan, said a lot of their views on the development trend of the industry, and finally said: “To change the plan, is to blaspheme my profession!”Looking at no matter how to persuade him, Manager Zhang had to let him go.The young man’s opinionated, ruined his good future, originally Zhang manager dug him to come over is ready to entrust in the future.An incompetent person who gets a little success thinks he’s so good that no one can match him.There are so many keyboard chivalrous people on the Internet, most of them are ignorant and arrogant.Without the foundation of vast knowledge and rich experience, they rely only on their own imagination, armed with their poor knowledge, to “save” the world.Wanton criticism of others prejudice ignorance, dirty thought, with the keyboard to kill one after another “damn people.”When you destroy others, you destroy yourself.Luo Xiang teacher said: “Night lang arrogant is ignorant nature.”Lacking self-knowledge, incompetent people tend to become conceited and complacent. They don’t understand that “there are people outside of people and mountains outside of people” and often inflate their ego.Most of them have little experience in life. Once they accept a certain idea, they are like frogs in the bottom of a well, believing that they have the truth of the world.So opinionated, can not accept other people’s advice, feel that other people’s words are a scourge, their own views and practices are the most correct.The more self-righteous, the more stubborn.I have a distant cousin who graduated from university and joined a small company. She joked to me within half a year: “IT’s so depressing. The personnel of the company is very complicated, so we have to be careful every day for fear of offending someone accidentally.”I advised her to resign and apply for a job in a big company. There are many things in big companies and people have no leisure time to make trouble.She immediately shook her head to deny: “forget it, I this kind of qualification, in a small company can slowly boil into a woman, in a large company which day will be fired do not know.”I told her that she was not qualified enough to work and learn. With her strong ability, she could easily cope with the work of a big company.My cousin heard that she had to study in addition to work. She said that sixteen years of study had been boring enough, and now she just wanted to relax herself and didn’t want to do anything else.After teasing me, she stayed with the same company, and now ten years later, she is still a small employee with thousands of yuan.Two years ago, her husband died of illness, leaving a few years old child, life took a nosedive.My cousin, who had spent ten years of her youth not seeking progress, was now middle-aged and living such a hard life. It was pitiful!Incompetent people are used to staying in their comfort zone and are stuck in a rut.Once stuck in a rut, they stick to their beliefs and unconsciously become the kind of people they once despised.I’ve seen a lot of people like this online.A man threw coins into a plane before boarding in order to “pray for good luck”.As a result, more than 100 passengers were prevented from traveling, and he himself was punished.One husband, believing that a painless birth would affect the child, refused to sign.Puerpera pain unbearable, shout out “I hate you for life!”A woman, who felt that the doctor had deliberately frightened her, refused to be hospitalized for observation, even though her heart was congested.A few days later, the woman died on the road……There’s a psychology phenomenon called the “Darker effect” : incompetent people bask in the illusion of their own advantage, believing they’re right.The less ability, the more inexplicable courage, believe that they are absolutely right, there is no other choice, and the confidence of the mystery.They simply cannot accept the opposing point of view, obsessed with their own point of view, and do not seek flexibility in dealing with the world and their own progress.If you are stuck in your ways, you will fall behind all the way.Here’s a question online: Why are people stubborn?Psychologist George Kelley’s theory of “personal constructs” explains the problem well: “Personal constructs are ideas formed by an individual’s past experiences, expectations, evaluations, thoughts, etc.”People who don’t have skills, they have low cognitive ability, they have very simple constructs.Stubbornness is manifested by clinging to your beliefs and clinging to their correctness.Because they are stubborn, they refuse to learn and listen to others.It’s a vicious cycle that takes a lifetime.A person with real skills will face up to their own abilities, strive to improve their cognitive level, learn from others, find a new way to make their life more successful.There is a long way to go. May we all have the mentality and ability to adapt to the changing world and live as our own ferrymen.About the author: Jiang Li Feifei, and 5 million people together to upgrade the cognition of life, this article source: rich small book, this article belongs to the rich book all, without authorization, shall not be republished, copyright must be reserved note: this article photo source network, if there is a copyright, please contact delete