Heihe Aihui District, Heilongjiang Province: This outbreak was caused by a mutant strain of omicron from abroad

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News alerts. , according to heihe city committee propaganda department officer micro heihe city love xinhui district the outbreak caused by outside the dense gram si variation strains, compared with the delta strains, Mr Mick Dijon strain of infectious and stronger immune escape ability, heihe river spring slow the rise of temperature, large temperature difference between day and night, superposition of COVID – 19 cases are associated with other respiratory infectious diseases epidemic risk,The prevention and control situation is extremely grim and complex.Since the first asymptomatic case was discovered on February 6, with the support and cooperation of the general public, we have responded quickly and implemented the “four early” policy to minimize the spread of the virus in the shortest possible time.At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation of The city is generally under control. In order to further consolidate the hard-won epidemic prevention and control achievements at this stage, effectively protect the health and safety of the masses, speed up the restoration of normal production and life order, and coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1.The general public should continue to do a good job in self-protection and health monitoring.Insist not to go out if it is not necessary, try to purchase daily necessities by online booking, do personal protection and reduce the stay time when going out, and strictly prohibit organizing and participating in all kinds of gathering activities.To adhere to good health and living habits, wear masks, wash hands frequently, more ventilation, “one meter noodles”, use chopsticks, separate meals, do not spit everywhere, pay attention to diet nutrition, moderate fitness exercise.Do a good job of personal and family health monitoring, fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, smell (taste) loss of sense, nasal congestion, runny nose, conjunctivitis, myalgia and diarrhea and other uncomfortable symptoms, do not self-medication, should immediately go to the fever clinic, and take the initiative to report to the community (village) and unit.2. The masses of party members and cadres, volunteers and community workers consciousness of prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control personnel should tighten don’t slacken off, don’t slack off, no paralysis, no wavering adhere to the “outside input,” the non-proliferation, fight within the general requirements of work, the implementation of the fall fine zone spreading mechanism of the State Council issued “the COVID – 19 control scheme (eighth edition)”,Comprehensively consolidate the responsibility of “territory, department, unit and individual”, adhere to the same prevention of human, material and environment, conscientiously do a good job in personnel protection, environmental eradication, epidemic monitoring, closed-loop management and other work, entering and leaving the community must scan the code, all public places can not pass without the code, strengthen the coordination between industry departments,We should grasp the critical period of epidemic control within 24 hours for crowd screening, site control and nucleic acid screening, and eliminate risks and hidden dangers in the bud.3. Please actively cooperate with the general public friends area nucleic acid detection, according to the community (CunTun) notice of period of time, in a timely manner to the sampling points, take the initiative to show “longjiang health code” or his valid identity certificate, the entire specification wearing masks, don’t jump the queue, no talking, no gathered themselves together, and keep more than 1 m intervals with others, please follow the attendant’s guidance, sampling, order to complete the registrationMinimize the risk of the spread of the epidemic.To raise awareness of self protection, such as with the new champions have infected trajectory intersection to report in time, cooperate with designated drugstore buy, cough, fever, antivirus, real-name registration of antibiotic drugs, found in violation of the provisions of the epidemic prevention and control problems or have symptoms such as fever, inform the community, the village committee or by calling the centers for disease control and prevention, a concerted effort to build a strong bulwark of the control group control.4. The Municipal Headquarters for Epidemic Prevention and Control will coordinate the work of epidemic prevention and control and people’s livelihood. Some qualified manufacturing enterprises and industries closely related to people’s lives will gradually resume work and production in an orderly manner on the premise of strictly implementing relevant epidemic prevention and control measures.City, district two levels of epidemic prevention and control headquarters has established service the masses “green channel”, the general public the masses if there is a doctor and buy medicines, such as shopping, gas, plumbing life safeguard demand or policy advice, please call 12345 mayor hotline consulting service phone released or relevant departments, the relevant departments of the municipal, district governments will be the first time the corresponding service security work.In view of the characteristics of the virus, the combination of nucleic acid screening and citizen self-restraint will play a particularly important role in the prevention and control measures.Protecting the health of individuals is also protecting the health of Heihe river.Determined to win the confidence, the general public masses, please continue to support and cooperate with various epidemic prevention and control measures, focus on the authority of the official media to release information, not rumors, do not believe a rumor, tale, to win the national epidemic prevention and control war annihilation, unity is strength, the charm of protect our common homeland, open common construction wealthy civilization in heihe beautiful happiness.Headquarters of Heihe Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus Infection. Edited by Sun Linzhi. 19 February 2022