1200 antigen test kits “drop from the sky”!Shanghai Jinshan set up a drone strike team to fight the epidemic

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Whew — made it!On the afternoon of April 5, 1,200 antigen detection kits were delivered quickly and contactless from the uav base in East China to an isolated medical observation point in Jinshan District in just ten minutes.”Since the self-control and management, the uav base has given full play to its characteristics and advantages, providing flight assistance in the distribution of emergency supplies, elimination of public environment, maintenance of public order and other aspects, not only reducing the risk of contact, but also greatly alleviating the shortage of volunteers.”Xue Bin, head of the East China UAV Base, said a drone strike team was formed immediately after the outbreak.The delivery is COMPLETED by SF Ark X8 UAV, which has a maximum takeoff weight of 42kg, a load of 10kg and a maximum range of 20km.It is mainly used for urban end logistics distribution, can also be used to transport emergency goods, can not be affected by road traffic conditions, can also reduce the risk of infection in the process of distribution, greatly improve the effectiveness of emergency distribution.”The drone delivered the medicine to the factory within half an hour of the request, which was very convenient.”Luo Xirong, chairman of Ruishi Chuang Exhibition, gave a thumbs-up to drone delivery.It turned out that ji Ruwang, the production director of the company, had run out of blood pressure medicine a week ago, but because of the urgent task of producing corrugated beds and other epidemic prevention materials, he did not take it seriously and insisted on working overtime, sleeping only four or five hours a day.At noon on April 5th, the person in charge of the company suddenly felt unwell. After understanding the situation, he went to the enterprise service center of the park for dispensing medicine for help.There is no one alone.Two days ago, an employee of a construction site in the park was accidentally scalded, and was in urgent need of scalding ointment and other medicines.The situation was urgent. After receiving the call, Xue Jiali, the coordinator of volunteers in the park, on the one hand quickly arranged volunteers to go to the community health service center to fill the medicine. On the other hand, he urgently contacted Xue Bin, the head of the East China UAV Base, to request uav support.Soon, the drone delivered the burn ointment to the company’s employees as an immediate solution.”Fellow residents, the current situation of the epidemic is severe, please do not stay outside, do not go out during the lockdown, thank you for your cooperation…”In recent days, many residents and employees of enterprises in the Shanghai Bay Area high-tech Industrial Development Zone can clearly hear the “shout” from the sky.This is also a job that the uav commandos of East China Uav Base do every day.According to reports, this time, the East China UAV base uav commandos equipped with a total of more than 30 drones such as material distribution, aerial patrol propaganda, disinfection and elimination, equipped with 5 experienced pilots, the cumulative flight time of more than 500 hours, to provide positive help to defeat the epidemic.It is reported that the East China UAV Base is located in the High-tech Industry Development Zone of The Shanghai Bay Area, with a planned area of 2.73 square kilometers. It was inaugurated in August 2018.As the first base in China to officially allow uav to carry out multi-scene testing and application, it has also established seven centers for UAV flight service, R&D and manufacturing, exhibition and trade, education and training, as well as the planned scientific innovation incubation, airworthiness technology research, inspection and testing.The unmanned aircraft base has 58 square kilometers of land airspace, 200 square kilometers of water airspace, 1 square kilometers of test landing and takeoff point, 1 110 kilometers of test flight route (Jinshan – Shengsi), and has two cross-shaped runways 800 meters long and 30 meters wide and water airport.(Shanghai Bureau of China Daily