The only way to develop editing thinking from novice to master

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To make a good video, in addition to the nice pictures and pictures, part of the clip is also very important, we all know that film is divided into early and late prophase taken generally refers to the planning and execution stage, late in fact was the accumulation of images, material editing and processing, editing should have what kind of thinking, in what ways?What method should be adopted to achieve the final completion of the film?
When we are editing a video, we often refer to “editing thinking”. What is “editing thinking”?When it comes to editing thinking, we need to pay attention to the core problem, which is what to cut and how to cut.Today, let’s study editing thinking in depth.
What do you cut
We must pay attention to the cutting action, in fact, is to remove redundant, redundant, remove a complex action, the unimportant information omitted, the key information retained.
1. Cut the plot
The basis of “plot cutting” is the script, and the standard is that the shots must be smoothly connected, followed by the sequence of events and characters’ action lines, etc., to connect them together.In daily filming, action and lines are very important.If I was making a person driving a car, the first camera he get on the car seat, a second camera, she put the pedal to start after the car with a key to drive out, over the course of shooting, shooting for a minute, or even two minutes long, in fact all action link up, the whole process to connect down has more than ten seconds, a minute or two pictures cut down,That’s all it takes to cut the story.
2. The cutting performance
For the selection of materials, we must repeatedly consider, the most rich and most suitable script and character Settings of the material selected, magnified to highlight the character relationship.Like I said, the other party began to laugh, or started to cry, or started to kick up a row, and then the other party to show emotions, but there is no beginning, in May have the record in the front part of the movement, then will cut off the front of her useless action, choose the most expressive part to cooperate with plot.
3. Cut the central idea
Use more time and shots to convey the message and theme, cut out other paragraphs or shots that are less important.For example, if you want to show the positive side of the sun, you should minimize the negative emotion of making a big noise and use a message like smiling and laughing to show the positive side of the sun, which depends on how it is reflected in the script.
Two, how to cut
We must always grasp the information expressed by the theme, grasp what the theme is, from the plot, logic, mood, rhythm, atmosphere, proportion and rendering, these are in the performance of the theme.How do you cut it?Let’s take a look at some of the things we often encounter in editing:
1. The feeling of procrastination: The event progressed too slowly, the lines were long and the information conveyed was not simple and direct enough, the key points could not be grasped in the selection of colors, and the rhythm of camera switching was also slow.
2. It feels a little jumpy: the connection of the camera cutting is not smooth, the words and deeds of the characters are not reasonable, and the logic of the story is not smooth.
3. It feels a little broken: it is because the information such as script and material is not summarized enough, and the information is extremely trivial and repetitive, so the information conveyed is not efficient.
4. No feeling: the focus is not prominent, the distribution of shots is too even, some detailed shots such as the change of characters’ emotions lack design sense, and the rendering strength is not enough and not concentrated.
Then, in the case of the above, how to do editing?We can analyze it from the following aspects.
1. The ellipsis
(1) Action omission: the key point of grasping action needs to be clear about the visual effect, and the grasping of behavioral action also needs to conform to the characteristics of narrative relations such as conciseness and progression.For example, we can see that many food bloggers take pictures of cutting vegetables. When a knife is cut down from the air on the chopping board, when the knife falls on the chopping board, the potato on the chopping board turns into the potato silk he wants. This is because it omits the lengthy process of cutting slices one by one in the middle.This process is known as ellipsis.
(2) Narrative ellipsis: Take causality as an example, select the result of the event, abandon the cause of the event — create the connection between the effect and the effect, and make the audience curious about the cause.Such as a boy from upstairs to throw things, and then “pa” fell to the ground, right next to a man through at this moment, the man walking outside got a fright, then they will be noisy, just that things fall from the sky, to the ground “pa” such a result, instant audience will know someone falling objects, throwing things scared man walking on the road,Therefore, two passers-by quarrel, which is the understanding of “omission”. It makes use of the audience’s psychological “cloze” ability to make the audience recognize the event with the relevance of the reserved shots.
2. Rhythm control
Rhythm is all about contrast, and how?It’s breaking out of established patterns and rhythms.But also need to be reasonable, follow logic, people can understand.
(1) Audio-visual rhythm
It refers to the dynamic and static composition of the picture, the color difference, the rhythm of the lines, the rise and fall of the music, the intensity of the sound effects, etc.Video is a biochemical combination of sound, picture, color and light to meet our visual observation point and auditory information point.
(2) Dramatic rhythm
It is the link between events, the advance process of the story, the strength and strength of conflicts, the ups and downs of the relationship between characters, which requires tension and relaxation.We can control the tempo with scripts and clips.
(3) Emotional rhythm
It generally refers to performance: happiness, sorrow, and priority, and also includes psychological drama. For example, when the characters in the video are beaten, scolded and angry, the change of emotional rhythm is very important. If the reason is not given, inexplicable happiness and inexplicable anger will appear, which will give the audience a strange feeling.
(4) Atmosphere rhythm
What kind of atmosphere is the whole video trying to create?Grief or joy, passion or gloom, to be combined with what?In editing, BGM is very important to combine the application of background music.
3. How to control the pace
(1) Use of landscape
Use the size of the field to create visual differences and stimuli.The perspective is to explain the environment, the close-up is to explain the local, or highlight the expression, or highlight the action, at this time, it is necessary to use the landscape to create visual differences, complete the change of rhythm.
(2) Use sound
Use lines, music, sound effects of the high and low coordination to constantly stimulate the audience’s hearing.If the music is high, the picture should be grand and exciting, if the music is low, the picture should be gentle…Different rhythms are used to control the psychological emotions of the audience. We will also find such psychological rhythms when watching videos.
(3) Make use of the lens duration
The rhythm changes according to the speed of information transmission and the length of time the camera stays.First of all, when editing the shots, I divided them into groups, so that each group of shots had variations in length.For example, there are three shots in the film, so you can make the first two shorter and the one behind longer.You can also make the first one longer and the last two shorter, so that the rhythm of the video is natural.
What else should I pay attention to in editing?It is necessary to combine the knowledge of shooting, how to complete the composition, how to complete the shooting, including the connection of the content, etc., which should be paid attention to in the editing.The above content is all we know about editing thinking today, and I hope it will be helpful to you.