Preface to The Pavilion of King Teng by Wang Bo: Reading this magnificent allusion, one knows the rough life.

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Hello everyone, welcome to reading this article, I am Di Xiao, please follow our V, so that you can read the latest articles of Black Egg culture in time.”Tengwang Pavilion preface” full name: “Autumn ascending Hongfu Tengwang Pavilion farewell Preface”, the author is the tang Dynasty wit Wang Bo.The article describes the magnificent scenery and banquet of the tengwangge area, and expresses the author’s feelings about life.The antithesis is neat, the language is gorgeous, the reason contains philosophy, “wen” and “li” are both beautiful, known as the world’s first parallel prose.In fact, a lot of people’s names, also from this article, such as “evening boat” from the text: “fishing boat singing late, poor Peng Li shore ring.Wild geese startled cold, hengyang sound off the pu “.For example, “Star chi” from the text: “Male state fog column, handsome star chi” and so on.Preface to Tengwang Pavilion in addition to language flowery colorful, there is a great feature, this is wonderful Canon.There are many allusions in the text, which are used with great skill and appropriateness, and which skillfully combine the beauty of the ancient books with the present scene and the mood of the author.It borrows stories or poems from the past to form a sentence, expressing as much meaning as possible with very little ink and brush, and it is very elegant.For these allusions, some we understand, some we may not understand, do not understand these allusions for our understanding and appreciation of the article is a barrier, and these allusions themselves are very cultural significance, worth learning and reading.About “Teng Wang Ge preface” full text interpretation, we have done before, if a friend wants to see it can look for the previous article.Wang Bo’s preface to The Pavilion of The King of Teng: Reading this gorgeous allusion, just know the bumpy life “two” Wang Bo’s preface to the Pavilion of the King of Teng: these most gorgeous ancient words, read can laugh at life!Today we will interpret the allusion in the text: Sui Yuan green bamboo, gas Ling Peng Ze zun.Where is suiyuan?What’s the point?It is a sightseeing garden built by Liu Wu, King of Liang Xiao in han Dynasty. It is also called Liang Yuan, Rabbit Garden and Bamboo Garden. The former site is in today’s Liangyuan District of Shangqiu City.Liu Wu, king Xiao of The Liang Dynasty, was the grandson of Liu Bang, the emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, the son of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, and the brother of Emperor Jingdi of the Han Dynasty. His fief was Liang. He is most famous in history for building a large Liang Garden.According to the records of the Han Dynasty, the east courtyard was built by King Xiao of Liang, which was more than 300 li long. The houses in the garden were as splendid as the imperial palace, with carved beams and painted buildings.On both sides of suishui, there are also bamboo forests stretching for more than ten miles, with many exotic flowers and plants and exotic animals.Liu Wu, the king of Liang Xiao, often feasts here and attracts scholars to hunt and play.Sima Xiangru, a great litterateur of the Western Han Dynasty, and The ancients of the Ancients, etc. all recited poems and songs and dances together with The King of Liang Xiao here.In fact, not only the preface to The Pavilion of Teng Wang, many poems and fu have mentioned the grand occasion of sui Garden, such as the tang Dynasty poet Qi Ji wrote in the “He Xue” : “Song Yang Ying road who listen to, the sound of liang Garden guests smell.”Li Shangyin, also a poet of the Tang Dynasty, also has the sentence “Ask old guests of the Liang Garden, Maoling autumn rain disease looks like”, these poems all quote the allusion of the Sui Garden.Let’s look at “Peng Ze”, Peng Ze refers to Tao Yuanming, he used to do Peng Ze ling, like drinking, so we say “Peng Ze bottle”.These two allusions are quoted in the article to show that the guests and friends, just like the scholars gathered in Suicyuan (Liang Yuan), drank wine and composed poems, and their fortitude and good spirit of drinking surpassed Tao Yuanming’s, praising the grand occasion of the party in the pavilion of King Teng. The allusions are very appropriate.Ye water zhu Hua, light Linchuan pen.Cao Zhi and Xie Lingyun were used here to compare the scholars who attended the banquet.”Ye Shui Zhu Hua” is an allusion to Cao Zhi, who epitomized jian ‘an literature and had a seven-step talent.Cao Zhi once wrote a famous line about Zhu Hua braving the green Pond. Zhu Hua literally means red flower, here referring to lotus.So “Linchuan pen” is how to return a responsibility?”Linchuan” is the guide to the landscape poet Xie Lingyun, who served as linchuan internal history.Cao Zhi and Xie Lingyun lived at both ends of the Wei and Jin dynasties.Xie lingyun also greatly admired Cao Zhi’s talent, saying: “Only one stone exists in the world. Cao Zijian has eight beadles. I have one beadle.Dan is a unit of capacity in ancient China. One stone is equal to ten measures.In preface to The Pavilion of King Teng, Wang Bo quotes the deeds of Cao Zhi and Xie Lingyun together, which is very appropriate.Look at chang ‘an in the sun, wu will be in the clouds.Look far towards the setting sun at Chang ‘an, and between the clouds and mists at Wujun.But it’s also a metaphor, and it has a deeper meaning.The allusion to “under the sun” comes from “The New Language of The World” : “Emperor Ming of the Jin Dynasty was a few years old, sitting on the lap of Emperor Yuan.Someone came from Chang ‘an. Emperor Yuan asked Luo xia for news and burst into tears.Why did you cry?However, he told him that he wanted to go east, because he asked emperor Ming, “You mean Chang ‘an, how far is it?””The sun was far away,” he replied, “and when he heard a man coming from the sun’s edge, he was surprised to know.”The Yuan Emperor was so surprised that he told his ministers that a banquet would be held tomorrow. “The sun is near,” he replied.The Yuan emperor looked pale and said, “But why is it different from what he said yesterday?”He answered, “Look up and see the sun, but not chang ‘an.”Therefore, this allusion is often used to describe yearning for the imperial capital, but also used to express their own fame and career is not satisfactory, there is a huge gap between hope and ideal.As a young man, Wang Bo had been outstanding in talent and wanted to show his talents with high spirit. However, because of his article of “Scolding eagle King Rooster”, He offended Emperor Gaozong and was expelled from the capital. His father was demoted and punished as well.Such big changes, hard to avoid making Wang Boyou a feeling of from the cloud falls into the mire, he was filled with anger, for his talent and sad, to worry about the prospects, so will only be issued ahead in Kyoto changan, as in the sky far away, see wu will also seems to be as far away as ethereal general void between the sea of clouds, such a feeling.This is perhaps wang Bo at that time to the political future sad, lost mood true portrayal.We can imagine that if he had only written a sentence like “looking at Chang ‘an in the distance and overlooking Wu Hui in the distance”, it would not have conveyed his complex feelings.From here, we can also see that a great advantage of using Canon is that it can “combine all things in one” and better convey rich and complex thoughts and feelings.”Preface to Teng Wang Ge” is very classic, let people can not help but savor, but also by Wang Bo’s talent.Because the article is too long, only a small part of the article and readers to interpret the allusion, we can see the home page of the continuation of the article.All right, everybody, this is Di Shao.If you like this article, you are welcome to follow our V, and your likes, pushes, comments and forwarding are also the biggest support for this article. 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