On the third day of the lunar New Year, the delicious food in the circle of friends has its own characteristics, and the difference between north and south can be seen at a glance

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Hello, everyone. I am little Lemon, a mother who loves food and life.Here is little Lemon’s little kitchen, only good food and company to live up to.Eat well alone. Good food is as important as happiness. Remember to eat well.On the first day of the New Year, people in the north eat dumplings and in the south eat dumplings and ai ban.The second day of the year back home, the third day of the year to sleep.In addition to New Year’s greetings, relatives and friends must be entertained for dinner.On the third day of the lunar New Year, the delicious food in the circle of friends has its own characteristics, and the difference between north and south can be seen at a glance.Netizen: One sees yellow peach and big elbow son to know is northerner.Friend 1: Braised fish, braised big elbow, beef in soy sauce, beancurd bamboo, celery and black fungus, fried meat, big pull skin, cucumber salad, fried garlic moss, bean sprout salad and lotus root, this is my friend’s delicious food, a total of 9 dishes, you can tell it is a northern dish.Especially the big elbow and the big lapi, you can be 100% sure they are northerners.It’s as thin as the wings of a cicada, very transparent and thin, and it’s going to be very chewy when you mix it with chilli, coriander, sauce.Big elbow looks very big, color is good-looking, have appetite very much at a glance, so big big elbow gnaw rise certainly very satisfying.The braised fish is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. The fish is tender and delicious, and the sauce on the side will be even more delicious.Fried meat, beef in sauce, black fungus with beancurd bamboo and celery, cucumber salad, lotus root with bean sprouts and stir-fried garlic moss all looked delicious, and every dish was excellent.Friend 2: Chicken soup + fake yan CAI + cold fried beef tripe + boiled chicken + fried beef + boiled shrimp + dumplings + steamed fish + braised pork in brown sauce This is a delicious dish made by a friend in Jiangxi province. There are 9 dishes in total. If you see chicken soup and fake Yan CAI, you will know it is the cuisine of southern China.Chicken soup and fake swallows are indispensable dishes for local banquets and festivals.The chicken soup looks delicious. It must be delicious.Fake delphine is cooked in chicken broth, which is even more delicious and smooth.During festivals, dumplings and fake yan CAI are indispensable staple foods.Maybe because some people in my family love to eat dumplings and some people love to eat fake swallows, just make two staple food, everyone can eat their favorite food.White sliced chicken is also one of our local dishes. It is easy to cook and season with rice wine, minced garlic, shredded ginger and salt.The white – cut chicken is tender, fat and delicious.Tripe salad looks good in color and looks appetizing.Stir-fried beef, boiled shrimp, steamed fish and braised pork in brown sauce not only look good in color, but also look delicious, very appetitive.Friend 3: My friend in Jiangxi province, China, cooked five dishes, some of them repetitive.Egg white meat is a very delicious dried vegetables, taste a little meat, chili fried egg white meat, spicy and delicious.Garlic fry slices of meat, chili fried potatoes look sweet, appetitive.In China, families in China eat dumplings together. They must eat meat in the evening and two meals in China.However, some families do not have this custom.There are different ways and tastes in dumpling, salty and sweet, fried and steamed.Dumpling and avocado are sweet and taste good.Friend 4: Fried pork with dried bamboo shoots, fried bean sprouts, fried ribbon fish, and sanzi (fried dough twist). There are 9 dishes in total. Some of them are leftovers.On the Internet, often brush to the north friends for canned yellow peach like.Said that when sick only eat canned yellow peach, the next day.I tried canned yellow peach once before, and it tasted good.Braised pork with dried bamboo shoots, fried bean sprouts, fried ribbon fish, sanzi and fried pork are bright and appetizing.Friends of the food, very rich and delicious.You can see the difference between the north and the South at a glance, the north is more atmospheric, the south is more small and delicate, whether it is the north or the south, the atmosphere or delicate, are to get together with their families to eat together.Ask and share your food daily and let me guess where you belong.Feel free to leave a comment.Thank you for reading, your love is my biggest motivation.Like can like comment attention (every day not regular update, remember to pay attention to me — small lemon’s small kitchen)