Liu Wenjian: The current responsibility lies with the shoulders

2022-06-21 0 By

In recent days, Liu Wenjian, a marketing officer of The Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Dacheng County, has committed himself to the front line of epidemic prevention and control without turning back, fulfilling the original aspiration and mission of a Communist Party member and ex-soldier with practical actions.On March 9, Liu Wenjian rushed to work immediately and stuck to the unit for several days.With the implementation of epidemic prevention that occupy the home county, a serious shortage of unit on-duty staff, meanwhile, wen-jian liu “one”, a day to arrange the higher epidemic prevention and control, access unit personnel deployment of transmission monitoring, registration offices concentrated disinfection and package village on duty free point etc, busy often didn’t even have time to drink.Outbreak unattended contact personnel as a unit, he always tight epidemic prevention and control of the string, 24 hours a day in standby state, the mobile phone from body, whether morning or evening, receive superior notice at any time, efficient and effectively implement, without the slightest slack and relaxed, with persistent and stuck in the communist party member’s responsibility and duty.Since dacheng county started the first round of nucleic acid testing on March 13, Liu wenjian, as a community worker in Baolian, has contacted medical staff for nucleic acid sampling, received samples and led them to take samples for elderly and infirm residents in the morning and evening.After the sampling, the nucleic acid test kit should be safely submitted for inspection.The tireless Liu wenjian has had a meniscus removed from his right knee. His elderly mother is also suffering from cancer and needs family members to take care of her.His younger brother and sister are all working in hospitals, centers for Disease Control and prevention and other medical departments. They cannot go home to take care of the elderly during the epidemic prevention and control period, and the burden of the family falls on him alone.Liu wenjian is a Party member and a former soldier.He retired from the army does not fade, met difficulties head on, crisis time to come forward, always everywhere shows the “not afraid of hardship not afraid of tired” style of soldiers.”As a former soldier and a Communist party member, I should take the lead,” he said.He not only cheered his colleagues on and grabbed the most exhausting work, but also had his hometown in mind. He donated 2,000 medical masks, 15,000 ml alcohol and 30,000 ml disinfectant to the village streets, making his own contribution to the epidemic prevention and control work in his hometown.(Reporter Yang Yaqi correspondent Li Qian Editor Wang Jing)