Zhongguancun Yanqing Park gets off to a good start

2022-06-20 0 By

The Winter Olympic Games, China’s athletes have been heartening news.As the main battlefield of regional economic development, Yanqing Park in Zhongguancun achieved a “good start” in the beginning of the year. In January 2022, taxes paid by enterprises in the park increased by 31.3% year on year, resulting in a 15.5% year-on-year increase in district-level fiscal revenue, and completed 10.1% of the annual task, cheering for the Winter Olympic Games with an excellent result.Technology companies are growing briskly.In January, drone company Spacetime Feihong Technology Co., LTD. (spacetime Feihong) doubled its revenue compared with the same period last year.Affiliated to the Ninth Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology Group, the company is a uav enterprise specializing in the r&d, design, production and sales of UAV systems. It is committed to the r&d of advanced UAV technology and artificial intelligence and big data application services based on unmanned systems. It has formed the development pattern of unmanned equipment industrialization.Build more than 20 series of products with the combination of far, medium and near, high and low speed complementary, and both fixed wing rotors.It is understood that since the space Era Fehong settled in Yanqing Park in Zhongguancun in 2021, it has actively implemented the deep development strategy of military-civilian integration, led the technological innovation of domestic high-end equipment manufacturing industry, accelerated the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, constantly promoted the establishment of talent highland, displayed the charm of science and technology culture, and created the name card of science and technology industry.At the same time, the company has actively grasped the development of unmanned systems industry, established a complete technology chain, product chain and industrial chain of unmanned systems industry development, built a core professional system, with comprehensive research and development and production capacity.Space times Feihong combined with zhongguancun Yanqing park space layout and company development planning, will start to build Yanqing UAV equipment industry base in this year, the total investment is expected to exceed 1.2 billion yuan.”Zhongguancun Yanqing Park has helped us a lot since we moved in.The park takes the initiative to provide our enterprises with various preferential policies and services, and actively door-to-door docking with us, which has played a great role in promoting the development and innovation of enterprises, and we are more confident about the future development.”Aerospace times Feihong Technology Co., Ltd. yanqing site director Xu Fayang said.In the state of seeking progress while maintaining economic stability, zhongguancun Yanqing Park high-tech enterprise team is also growing, only in January introduced 38 enterprises, including modern horticulture, ice and snow sports, new energy and energy Internet, UAV four key cultivation of characteristic industries introduced 17.Meanwhile, the number of high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun increased by 29, bringing the total number of high-tech enterprises in the whole region to 533.Next, yanqing zhongguancun park will also use the games event hosted by precious window, use the “double the city” well the unique resources endowment, accelerate the development of yanqing country sports industry demonstration base, increase the intensity of industry policy support for the development of ice and snow, around the industrial chain of innovation chain layout, to the best state to promote scientific and technological innovation factors of agglomeration,For the construction of Sports culture tourism belt yanqing expression.