Wu Lei had the ball counterattack back to take 40 meters, three international players abroad when the striker is now a defender

2022-06-20 0 By

The national football team’s 3-1 defeat to Vietnam created humiliation.As a fan of the Chinese New Year, I can’t make fun of it any more. The low-level performance of the national players in the whole match also reflects the current situation of Chinese football. It is time to make progress without breaking ground.Play of the game’s basic don’t have much bright eye, both organizations offensive or defensive than Vietnam is poor, there is a classic picture let us analysis the, is China a defensive counter-attack opportunity, at the foot of the ball to the lei, and the front have no players to meet their own, but only under the condition of a defensive player, lei didn’t have the courage to choose breakthrough,And it took the ball back about 40 meters to reach the defenders safely, allowing China a chance to counter.Therefore, Wu Lei’s lack of confidence and technical level also reflects the basic level of the national football team members.Was it the youth training that led to this situation?No, it’s league, the league normal abnormal aside, now every team in the lower back, midfielder and striker basic it is dominated by foreign aid, the important position of the player at the club is full of foreign aid, at the beginning when U23 policy is implemented, cannavaro said the policy useless at that time, really want to improve the level of Chinese players will reduce a quota of foreign aid.There will be more local players in midfield, forward and up front.If you don’t give them a chance in the league, he won’t play for the national team.And an interesting thing, in those days, Portugal’s three strikers, Yu Dabao, Zhang Chengdong, Wang Gang, are now finally in the national Security service, but now they play all the defenders.This is the epitome of Chinese football, a great irony.The development of Chinese football is not only about youth training, we have many young players in the youth training, but also need a good league environment, a reasonable management system, and most importantly, as the management department of football, do not mess around, the development of football has its own rules.Don’t try to cut corners, don’t try to cut corners.