New generation of Mondeo miniorder open

2022-06-20 0 By

Recently, the new generation of Mondeo has started the small order activity.From February 25th to March 17th, log in ford Mall, pay 555 yuan deposit to participate in the courtesy, and enjoy 5-year / 140,000km warranty upgrade + new generation Mondeo model after purchase.More courteous, log in ford Mall to place an order for 1 yuan, and you can get a new generation of Mondeo model after purchase [].As a new interpretation of the new design language “potential aesthetics”, the new generation of Mondeo adopts the dynamic appearance design of the four-door coupe, inherits Ford performance DNA, and perfectly interprets the design concept of “movement, creativity and power”.Streamline aesthetic modeling, dynamic and dynamic show the energy and strength of the rigid and soft.At the same level, the ultra-long 2945mm wheelbase and the axle length ratio of luxury models make the whole vehicle show the atmosphere calmly.[] Visit Ford Mall to learn more.In terms of intelligence, the new generation Mondeo is built based on FNV intelligent network architecture, with tram level intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving capabilities, as well as OTA evolution capabilities, to provide users with sustainable evolutionary intelligent driving experience.The 1.1-meter ultra wide area large screen is combined with SYNC+2.0 Zhihang Interconnection system to create an intelligent cockpit that “understands you better” through multi-dimensional interaction methods such as multi-touch, voice recognition, gesture control and facial recognition.Up to 18 intelligent driver assistance functions, including BlueCruise active driver assistance function, as well as Ford vehicle-road cooperation system, make this car equipped with L2+ intelligent driving level, bringing more intelligent, convenient and safe driving experience.In terms of power, the new generation Mondeo is equipped with 2.0t +8AT golden power combination, and the peak torque is 376N·m, easily joining the 6-second club [], bringing the enjoyable performance experience of one step faster.In terms of safety, the new generation of Mondeo also has a jump performance, the use of high safety cage body design, key parts of the civilian higher level of 1700Mpa ultra-high strength material, for users to bring steel and iron like protection.The new generation Ford Mondeo, combining 100% of Ford’s global sedan technology, breaks the boundary between traditional fuel cars and electric cars, and will bring consumers a more wonderful car ownership experience with its superior intelligence, space, performance and safety.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)