Lin Xuehua, member of putian Hanjiang Grid: Use the word “true” to work on the hearts of the masses

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February 17, putian news (correspondent Zheng Jiewen/photo) Lin Xuehua, is a grass-roots grid member in Linbing Village, Guohuan Town, Hanjiang District. Over the past five years, she has been taking root at the grass-roots level and working silently.Go through the streets, listen to public opinion, mediate disputes, check safety risks, carry out safety propaganda…Lin Xuehua always keeps in mind the purpose of “serving the people”, solves the “urgent and anxious” problems in people’s life with practical actions, and truly gets through the “last kilometer” of serving the people.The “safety valve” of epidemic prevention has been carefully checked and tightened. The registered population of the area under the responsibility of Lin Xuehua is 215 households, with a total of 2,000 people, 3,405 rental houses and 5,827 floating population, with a wide area and large number of people.An outbreak broke out in Xianyou last September.In order to find out the trend of key personnel in the first place, Lin Xuehua took the initiative and worked overtime day and night to visit and survey people, focusing on the prevention and control of people in medium-high risk areas, close contacts and people with fever, so as to grasp their health status and ensure early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment.In order to implement the prevention and control measures in place, Lin xuehua actively participated in the village residence containment work, on duty at checkpoints, detection and registration of vehicles and people in and out of the village, and with the village cadres to do a good job in key parts of the elimination, leading the village doctors to home quarantine households to carry out medical examination.”Hello, I am a member of the forest handle grid of Guohuan town, have you ever been to…”Received an emergency flow tracing task, Lin Snow the first incarnation of “operator”, repeat hundreds of conversations, one by one to check the personnel situation.”If we make one more phone call, the villagers will be safer.”Lin Xuehua said.On February 18 last year, Lin Xuehua found a fire near the Linbing Railway bridge when she was passing by after work.In an emergency, Lin immediately called 119 for fire, and borrowed a fire extinguisher from a nearby supermarket to put out the fire together with enthusiastic people, successfully ensuring the safety of the railway bridge and surrounding residents.Lin Xuehua’s brave performance was well received by the masses.In recent years, the telecom network fraud cases within their respective jurisdictions continued high incidence, in order to further increase the awareness of the masses, Lin Xuehua repeatedly study characteristics and common methods of fraud crime, summarizes the effective prevention and measures, taking “online dual zone”, not only at the time of entering a visit with the villagers on imparting, reveal the fraud,We also make full use of wechat groups and moments to continuously push early warning information, timely remind and stop, and minimize the loss of people’s property.”Uncle Lin, fast New Year’s day, to give you worship an early years!””Aunt Liu, I brought you some oil rice noodles. I wish you a happy New Year in advance!”On the eve of the Spring Festival, Lin Xuehua came to the area of elderly residents home visit condolences.On weekdays, Lin Xuehua will grid events and small feelings in mind, encounter villagers have difficulties always try to help solve, her enthusiasm and careful, the villagers are happy to see in the eyes in the heart, called her “intimate division”.Not only that, Lin Xuehua also insisted on daily inspection, visits, timely understanding, grasp the hot and difficult issues of public concern.During an inspection, Lin Xue found that days of rain had washed garbage and dirt into the only way for villagers to travel.Lin Xuehua immediately picked up a spade and cleaning workers together with the shovel mud, mud flushing, clean up the road.The grid work is complicated and involves many aspects, but Lin Xuehua enjoys it.Over the past five years, she has done good deeds for the masses and solved more than 300 difficult problems, which has been unanimously supported and recognized by the masses under the jurisdiction.”As a grass-roots grid member, not only to be on duty, but also need to be in place, only really ‘body’ into the grid, can the loving service to the masses, the contradiction risk to resolve in the masses, the security and happiness around the masses.”Lin Xuehua said.