“Huang Yi parenting” on the hot search, won the full network praise: more important than the child, in fact, is yourself

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Be exposed by ex-husband illicit close is illuminated, rumor, the Huang Yi that experiences soul dark night became daughter best example however!Some time ago, it was the tenth birthday of Huang Yi’s daughter.Huang Yi dressed up as her daughter’s favorite princess image, carefully prepared a surprise birthday party for her daughter, the celebration scene warm and touching.But the most touching, there is a letter huang Yi wrote to his 10-year-old daughter.In the letter, she said: “Being a mom can only give you more security and confidence so that you can be as brave as mom in the next 10 years.”In recent years, Huang Yi faced with career decline, her ex-husband’s slander, etc., can really be counted as “riding the wind and waves”.In her, we see the courage of a woman and the strength of a mother.From the “new little Swallow” to the “no drama”, Huang Yi’s silence in these years is thanks to her “ex-husband” Huang Yiqing.Two people’s marriage, did not get together.After divorce, Huang yiqing became obsessed with hurting Huang Yi, repeatedly attacking his ex-wife on social media platforms, and even exposing huang yi’s private photos on social media platforms.Under the “effort” of Huang Yiqing, Huang Yi became a lesbian who loves lying, domestic violence, derailment and “cheating marriage”.To blacken Huang Yi, Huang Yiqing does not hesitate to use daughter even, teach daughter lie, induce daughter to take video to smear Huang Yi.It is Huang Yiqing touch Huang Yi’s counter scale, she will choose to fight back.Even so, in order to protect her daughter, Huang Yi did not deal with these private affairs in public, but wrote a private letter to Huang Yiqing, hoping that he could stop hurting his daughter.However, huang yiqing’s abuse of his ex-wife and daughter finally stopped when he was jailed in 2019.In order to let her daughter can have a better growth environment, Huang Yi also resumed her career, hoping to be a role model for her daughter.These two years, Huang Yi’s transformation is particularly obvious.During the “Joke convention”, the woman who had suffered all the hurt of her ex-husband in silence said casually on the stage, “If a man can’t do it, he should change.”At the beginning, even if her ex-husband was put into prison, Huang Yi did not have the courage to return.Because at that time, she was suffering from severe online abuse, plagued by rumors, and the experience left her in pain, like a zombie.More because she feared her daughter would be implicated, so she did not dare to high-profile comeback.And promote her comeback acting power, it is her daughter Huang Qianling.Huang Qianling knows her mother’s love for acting and often encourages her to pursue what she likes bravely.The daughter supports, let Huang Yi walk out of pain slowly, live oneself, find the thing that loves.In addition to supporting Huang Yi’s pursuit of career, her daughter also hopes that her mother can have her own life, to pursue love again, with happiness.In order to help her mother find happiness, she will also create opportunities for her mother and her uncle to get along in love variety shows.Compared with other children, Huang Qianling looks like a mature “little adult”.She will take care of her mother, love her dearly, forgive her hard work, and encourage her to pursue the life she wants.Even Huang Yi once said bluntly in the interview, her daughter is her “light of hope”, it is because of the existence of her daughter, she can come out of the trough.The reason why her daughter was able to grow into such a warm and energetic child without being influenced by her past is because huang’s life is influencing her.When her career hit a low ebb, Huang Yi was out of action for a time.In an interview last year, when asked why she had not acted in the past few years, Huang yi had no choice but to answer, “Because I was really unavailable during that time.”The disturbance caused by her ex-husband, Huang Yiqing, had a huge impact on Her performing arts career.However, in order to take better care of her daughter, After the divorce, Huang Yi was not too obsessed with the halo of the leading role in the past, and decided to start a new business in other fields.In the “struggle anchor” recording, Huang Yi revealed his years of the situation.When she was out of luck, she used her savings for years to invest in a number of businesses, the most successful of which was a cake business.What many people don’t know is that huang yi invested in cakes that appeared at Wang Junkai’s 18th birthday party and Zhang Ziyi’s engagement party with Wang Feng.In the program, Huang Yi’s self-introduction has a very eye-catching entry “the annual sales of cake brand investors”.This career helped Huang Yi through the economic difficulties of those years.She chose to shine in other areas when she couldn’t.And after a successful career, Huang Yi will use their own strength to help others.As early as 2015, she and her friends set up the Angel Baby Public Welfare Fund and donated more than 30 million yuan to help poor children.Huang Yi uses action to teach her children kindness, so that her daughter can grow into a gentle person to treat the world.At the same time, she has been teaching her daughter by example to be herself and grow.This energy transfer creates a positive cycle between mother and daughter.These two years, she also in the daughter’s encouragement finally began to try to comeback.He has been on the stage again since “Actors please Take Your Place” and his acting has been fully recognized by director Chen Kaige.But in the face of her junior, also disorderly hair “S card” director comments, her face “impatience” is also obvious, never hide.In those days, the fearless “little swallow” seems to have come back.When her acting was praised by the director, Huang could not help but SOB to her daughter in front of the camera, saying, “I want to be your role model, and mom did.”In terms of education, Huang yi hopes that she can influence her children with her life and become her role model.However, she never demands her daughter to live according to her own ideas, but uses her own behavior to tell her children right and wrong, and respects her children’s choice of their own life.She will ask her daughter’s opinion in advance, tell her what she may need to face after appearing on the show, tell her the advantages and disadvantages, and then let her daughter make her own decision.It is because Huang Yi has been telling children with action: “Everyone has the right to choose life, everyone has the right to live out their own, everyone can grow up in suffering.”Daughter will be in her trough, to huang Yi energy feed back, become her out of the dark night of the soul of the light of hope.With positive life influence children, with love to nourish children, this is also the best education for children a mother.You think, if in the eyes of young children, the mother is always trying to live, grow up, progress, so, the mother’s figure will be imprinted in the heart of the child.This is the most direct influence parents have on their children.As parents raise as children, German philosopher Jaspers said, “Education is as one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, one soul awakens another soul.Education is when parents awaken a young seed with their own words and deeds, and slowly influence it with their own real actions, so that it can take root, germinate and flourish.”Setting an example for parents is the most direct and effective way to educate children, but many parents ignore this point.Devin Space was visited by a mother who was deeply troubled by her son’s problems.Her son is gentle and polite on the outside, but in both marriages, he divorced due to “domestic violence”.She once tried to persuade her son not to use violence to hurt the people he loved the most, but he said, “When I was young, you and my father like to fight to solve problems.”It turned out that the visitors and the husband were not two love each other, in that era, love is not free, they looked at each other after marriage, often because of a little trifle on the hand.And they did not think, adult contradictions to hide children, do not let children see the psychological shadow.It was only then that the mother realized that her son’s character defects had been influenced by his childhood.Soviet educator Suhomlinsky once said: “We parents, above all, is to use our own behavior to educate children, this is what we should always remember.Huang Yi uses love, growth and respect to raise a daughter who has her own self and is gentle and considerate.Similarly, if you show violence in front of your children, they will imitate your violence;If you live a cowardly life in front of your children, they will become cowardly.We teach our children every moment of our lives.How you communicate with others, how you express your emotions, how you treat your friends, what kind of worldview and values you have, all affect your child.When liang Qichao, a politician, is teaching his children, he often brings up an incident in his childhood.At the age of six, he was beaten by his mother for lying, which taught him that lying was wrong.Since becoming a father himself, he has used this experience many times to tell his child: “Don’t lie.”In the sitcom “Home with Children”, Xia Donghai rejected the producer’s request to lie and exaggerate his experience with one sentence.”I have always taught my children to be honest,” he said. “Now I am leading the way in making things up. How can I teach them?”No matter Liang Qichao or Xia Donghai, did not use many big truths to educate children, because for children, parents’ behavior is the most convincing “truth”.Honey, that’s what kids do.As early as when they open their eyes, their parents get along with each other, their behavior, their every move, are gradually forming their cognition of the world.It is from their parents’ lives that children form their first concepts and ideas about good and evil, right and wrong.As Tolstoy said, “To educate children is, in fact, to educate oneself.”When we grow up to be a good adult, we can certainly shake the soul of your child.Planning | fish sweet edit | ajie