Wednesday, February 16, pre-game football analysis forecast

2022-06-19 0 By

Hello, everyone, I am a football fan, today is Wednesday, February 16, 2022, I wish you a happy Lantern Festival, a brief selection of a game analysis, the following is tonight’s game recommendation, pay attention to me take you to see a different exciting!Wednesday 003 European Champions League inter milan VS Liverpool inter milan recent 2 wins 3 draws 1 loss, the state is better, average goal 1.33, the offensive firepower is quite good, average conceded 1 goal, the defense ability is relatively weak, among them nearly 6 home unbeaten rate of 83%, win rate of 50%, home advantage play normal.Liverpool recently won 6 consecutive games, 6 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses in the recent 6 games, the state is very good, average goals 2.33, attack firepower is very fierce, average goals conceded 0.33, the defense is impeccable, in the recent 6 games unbeaten rate of 83%, the winning rate of 50%, the away battle is not inferior.Match color reference: let the score reference: 1, 2, 2 half court: flat, even