The Perfect Partner 31: Sun Lei and Chen Shan divorce

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When Sun Lei and Chen Shan finished Chen Dahai’s affairs, they told Sun Yuan-Tiao about their divorce. Sun Yuan-Tiao could not accept the blow and shut himself in his room and cried bitterly.Sun Lei and Chen Shan together to comfort Sun Yuan-tiao, repeatedly explained that they still love Sun Yuan-tiao, the future life and now, Chen Shan just moved to the next door, they can meet at any time, Sun Yuan-Tiao firmly refused to let Chen Shan and Sun Lei live together, the two of them quietly, let Sun Yuan-tiao calm down.Sun Lei and Chen Shan went to divorce early in the morning. Chen Shan left her car to Sun Lei, hoping that Sun Lei could find herself more comfortable as soon as possible. Sun Lei wished her to brave the storm and create a broader future.Sun Yuan-tiao saw the divorce certificate and was very calm. She gave her parents three rules and they both agreed to come down.Chen Shan will go on a business trip to northeast China for half a month tomorrow. She has to stay up late to prepare documents. Sun Yuan-Tiao helps Chen Shan make quilts and then goes to the next room to find Sun Lei.Sun Yuan-tiao let Sun Lei open a door on the wall or dig a hole, she can freely come and go two homes, the three of them are still a family feeling, Sun Lei heard her very heartache, promised to love her double, never let her feel any change, Sun Yuan-tiao just slightly relieved.The next day early in the morning, Sun Yuan-Tiao and Sun Lei together to send Chen Shan out, Chen Shan learned that Sun Lei lost his job because of accompanying his father, but also to continue to look for a job, she was very sorry, Sun Lei did not think so, he incidentally to the driver to understand the income of online car booking.Chen Shan got on the car to call Wu Min, ask her to help take care of Sun Yuan-Tiao, also told Wu Min that she and Sun Lei divorced, Lin Jing was right next to him, he heard the news was very surprised, Wu Min told him not to ask Sun Yuan-tiao.Wu Min called Sun Lei with Sun Yuan-tiao to eat, let Lin Jing and Sun Yuan-Tiao study together, Sun Yuan-tiao love is fish hot pot, Sun Lei hurried to buy fish.Chen Shan first went back to the law firm to find the work logs of the yanfei Group company she accepted eleven years ago. Bai Mei learned that Chen Shan came to the law firm and hurried to the office to have a look. She found That Chen Shan looked at the previous files.Chen Shan failed to enter the password several times, and she was unable to access the internal system of the law firm.Lin Qingkun went to the company by the way, and saw Wu with a group of people meeting to study the problems of the Wild goose Fly Group, but also deliberately put him away.Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun set out on the flight to the northeast, Lin Qingkun let Chen Shan busy After the listing of Jubile, took over the qianjiang Aluminum project, Chen Shan wanted to rest for a period of time, make up for the regret.A few days ago, Wu Min wu You please go to Lin Qingkun to take custody of the class procedures, Lin Qingkun gave Wu Min a large amount of cash, Wu You had to personally deliver.Wu Min carefully prepared a sumptuous meal, kept urging Wu You to leave as soon as possible, Wu You guessed she asked Sun Lei and Sun Overlook dinner, remind her and Sun Lei to keep a distance.Lin qingkun saw the news in the newspaper that Yundian’s stock had plunged because Yanfei group had inflated its revenue.Chen Shan know geese group accident sooner or later, not thinking is responsible for the geese group recruit listed eleven years ago, she found the geese group to cloud dian six billions of investment of science and technology is virtual, will report to the salted and dried plum, apply for to do the cloud yunnan science and technology, salted and dried plum with all sorts of reason to refuse, it pushed the geese project Chen Shan, Zhou Jiakai operation for a year,Finally help wild goose fly smoothly, the law firm’s high partners feel Chen Shan things much, no matter how many projects Chen Shan completes, bai Mei blocked her outside the high partners.Lin Qingkun remembers that the Rui Kai company he is in is the sponsor of wild goose flying group, so Chen Shan just at all costs to find and his cooperation, is to ease the relationship with The Rui Kai, Chen Shan checked yundian technology and yundian is two different companies, but the shareholders behind are wild goose flying group, she is more sure that the wild goose flying group has a problem.Lin Qingkun remembered Wu always take people to meet to study the problem of wild goose fly group, advised Chen Shan not to check wild goose fly, so as not to encounter danger.