The 12th Exhibition of ethnic folk songs, dances and music kicked off in Yunnan province

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On February 15th, the 12th Ethnic Folk Song, Dance and Music Exhibition of Yunnan province was officially launched at the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.Sponsored by Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Yunnan Provincial Ethnic and Religious Commission, the show is organized by Yunnan Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, culture and Tourism Bureau of 16 municipalities and Ethnic and Religious Commission (Bureau). The award-winning programs will be shown on major online platforms from February 15 to 21.(gold) DiQingZhou traditional vocal music “a le (tea song)” (gold) region of innovative dance “weaving. Wa jin” the performance in “tribute founding anniversary in one hundred, carry forward the national culture of yunnan” as the theme, aims to pass carry forward the fine traditional culture of various nationalities, cast on community awareness of the Chinese nation, rich people spiritual and cultural life,To cultivate and strengthen the team of inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, display the achievements of intangible cultural heritage protection in Our province, and serve the demonstration area of ethnic unity and progress and the construction of a strong cultural and tourism province.The Yunnan Ethnic folk song, Dance and Music Exhibition is a display and exchange platform for the protection and inheritance of traditional ethnic culture in Our province. It is held every two years and has been successfully held for 11 times since 1997.Due to the impact of the epidemic, the show will be held from November 2021 to February 2022 in the form of “online exhibition”, with rehearsal, video recording, recommendation and reporting organized by each city.After the collective evaluation by the judging experts, the winning programs will be shown and broadcast on the yunnan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Network, Yunnan Public Culture Cloud, “A Mobile Phone tour of Yunnan”, yunnan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center video number, Douyin number and other platforms from February 15 to 21, 2022. Meanwhile,It will be broadcasted on online platforms such as Learning Power, CULTURE and Tourism China, People’s Daily Online, CCTV Frequency, Tencent, Sina Weibo, Yunnan net, Yunan IPTV-Mobile, Yunnan IPTV-Unicom and so on.Through the Internet, the excellent yunnan intangible cultural heritage song, dance and music programs will be fully displayed to the audiences at home and abroad, in order to set off a “Yunnan intangible cultural heritage” upsurge.Yuxi city (gold) innovative dance “long time no less than side to yunnan folk song and dance performance, in-depth implementation of national and province intangible laws and regulations, promote and implement the needs of the cultural heritage protection principles and policies, is the embodiment of the carry forward the excellent traditional culture of yunnan, is the provincial art exchange and innovation and development of the national culture of important platform.Launched in 1997 in Kunming, the exhibition has gone through a glorious history of 24 years. Up to now, it has been held for 11 years, accumulating many excellent works and cultivating a large number of cultural and artistic talents.It is understood that since the 10th session, the performance will adopt the rules of classification and award evaluation, and the performance will be divided into traditional and innovative two categories.Among them, traditional programs emphasize folk and authenticity to maintain, strengthen and highlight the cultural connotation of intangible cultural heritage projects.Innovative programs emphasize the integration of traditional culture and modern life, based on tradition and creative, innovative.The creation of works not only requires strong local flavor, distinct ethnic style, but also reflects the style of the new era, and has a strong artistic appeal.This exhibition will continue to follow this rule. In terms of award setting, “Yunnan Ethnic Folk Song and Dance Music Award” will be set up. Inheritance Award, gold award, silver award, bronze award and excellence Award will be set respectively according to the song, dance and music of the two categories.There were 5 inheritance awards, 10 gold awards, 12 silver awards, 18 bronze awards and 36 excellence awards in total. A total of 81 programs were awarded and shortlisted, among which 41 were traditional programs and 40 were innovative programs, more than ever before.(Silver Award) Innovative Instrumental Music “Ode to Harmony” from Deqen Prefecture