On tea convalescent health from the point of view of Traditional Chinese medicine

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Tea can be roughly divided into green tea, black tea, white tea, dark tea, rock tea, pu ‘er tea and so on.As I am not a professional tea person, I do not know the classification of tea varieties, but only clarify the medicinal properties.Green tea is not fermented tea, so the tea itself has the most clear gas, longjing, Biluochun, Lu ‘an melon slices, and even Anji white tea, etc., are all.Slightly bitter, sweet and cool, qingyang clever, good to go to the upper coke, specifically clear the fire above the chest diaphragm, can diaphoresis xuanli.Therefore, any sore throat, red eyes, hot head swelling pain, urine yellow red, dry mouth bitter thirst, can drink, recently infectious fever high incidence, drinking green tea, is to prevent, adults and children can.But if too strong drinking is cold and cold hurt stomach, ooze li hurt kidney, should be light drink, slow product, drink again after dinner.White tea, mostly refers to fuding white tea, such as white peony, baihao silver needle, shou Mei.Note that Anji white tea is green tea, not white tea.Mild fermented tea, cool.If stored for many years, its sex is more implicit convergence.The so-called white tea “medicine for three years, treasure for seven years” means this.Good clear meridians floating fire and spleen and stomach heat, without the harm of cold, if with tangerine peel cooking clothes, and can go qi Xuan Yu, clear stomach heat and spleen dampness.Tieguanyin and Wuyi Rock tea belong to oolong tea.But there is a slight difference.Tieguanyin fragrance, can clear gastrointestinal dampness and heat, is a semi-fermented tea, nearly white tea, but the aroma is better, especially to promote filthiness and relieve depression.Wuyi rock tea, famous qing dynasty doctor Chen Xiuyuan called it “cool spleen times”, cool but not cold, clear spleen heat, especially suitable for mouth sores.But now the rock tea making method, and more baking, then its nature turns cool to warm, can warm the stomach, but without overheating harm, the body is also suitable for the weak people often drink.According to my experience, good Wuyi rock tea, no matter the external wind, cold wind and heat, as long as it is hot and frequently drunk, has the function of dithermic sweating, which is quite suitable for external diseases.Dark tea, because the appearance of the finished tea is black, so the name, dark tea is one of the six kinds of tea, belonging to fermented tea.One of the most representative is the six fort tea.The raw material of traditional dark tea is black wool tea with high maturity, which is the main raw material of pressed tea.Dark tea contains rich nutrients, the most important of which are vitamins and minerals, as well as protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, etc., which can regulate blood sugar, regulate blood pressure, promote digestion and reduce weight.Black tea, high degree of fermentation, warm and keep, lack of green tea white tea light flow of the nature, but warm in nourishing the stomach, if the spleen and stomach is deficient in cold people, can be appropriate to drink.This substance thick take is stagnant gas, stomach distension is not suitable, spleen and stomach damp heat when avoid.Pu ‘er, cooked in two kinds.Cooked Pu ‘er, for the full fermentation of tea, gas sink, to accumulate cold, can warm the stomach, intestinal stagnation.Without fermentation, the gas is more clear. Although it does not warm the stomach, it can also benefit dampness.People with cold stomach should use with caution.Note, when drinking tea, should avoid an empty stomach, some people “drunk” tea.It is easy to feel dizzy and shake hands when drinking tea. At this time, it is best to cooperate with tea and preserved fruit, which can protect the spleen and stomach and avoid the danger of cold.The benefits of tea have been described above.But if the water in the body is heavy, it is not appropriate to use, otherwise easy to aggravate wet lag.When moderate, reasonable, because of personal constitution and collocation choose to take.