Analyze the cost of santana car, the monthly cost of 918 yuan, family preferred?

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As a family car, we should not only consider the stability of the three major parts, but also consider the cost of late use, so that it is convenient to use, worry, recently my cousin asked me, how should I choose to commute?Think Volkswagen’s Santana is quite good, do not know the cost of the car?This car is positioned as a compact car, the price range is 86,900 ~ 118,800, today we take the 2021 1.5L automatic fashion edition as an example (the guide price is 97,900), let’s take a look at the monthly average cost of this car?What are the maintenance items?Is it worth it?External configuration: Halogen headlights, four-door electric Windows, electrically adjusted rear view mirrors and other configurations.Internal configuration: a combination of instrument panel, steering wheel 2 direction adjustment, manual anti-dazzle mirror and other configurations.Safety configuration: ABS anti-lock system, traction control system, braking force distribution system, brake assist, body stability system, front dual airbags, tire pressure alarm, uphill assist, manipulator brake and other configurations.The length, width and height of the vehicle are: 4475mm, 1706mm, 1469mm, and the wheelbase is 2603mm. It is positioned as a compact car.This car is equipped with a 1.5-L naturally aspirated engine, which has a maximum power of 82 kW and a peak torque of 145 N · m. In terms of transmission, it is matched with a 6-speed automatic transmission, and the official average fuel consumption for 100 kilometers is 5.6L. After our test drive for some distance,The fuel consumption is 6.3L(I think the fuel consumption should be determined according to personal driving habits and road conditions, and the fuel consumption must be higher if violent driving is involved). As a family car, if it drives in urban areas at ordinary times, the total mileage of the car in a year will be 10,080km if it is calculated according to 28 km a day and 30 days a month.The final annual fuel consumption cost is about 5493 yuan.The annual insurance cost of this car is guided by the manufacturer at 97,900 yuan. Because the preferential level varies from place to place, we calculate according to the guided price of 97,900 yuan, including purchase tax of 8,664 yuan, compulsory insurance of 950 yuan, vehicle and ship use tax of 420 yuan, registration fee of 500 yuan, and commercial insurance. Let’s take basic insurance as an example.The third liability insurance of 200,000 yuan is 1,270 yuan, the vehicle loss insurance is 1,792 yuan, and the full payment is 111,496 yuan. The annual insurance cost is 4,432 yuan (our usual calculation is that the preferential policies of the car price are different, and the discounts of different brands of insurance are also different, and the final calculated insurance cost is also different).As a family car, it not only provides us with convenience, but also allows us to travel, but regular maintenance is also very important, so as to extend the service life of the car.Generally, it is 5000km maintenance (we call it small maintenance, or 10000km maintenance, depending on the situation), 60000km maintenance, and oil replacement for 5000km (different brands, different prices, such as Shell 212 yuan).Machine filter (27 yuan), air filter (25 yuan or so), gasoline filter (87 yuan), labor costs (70 yuan), and during the maintenance of about 60,000 kilometers, but also need to replace the brake oil (86 yuan), transmission oil (257 yuan 4L), steering oil, spark plug (152 yuan), antifreeze, etc.,In total, the total maintenance cost of 60,000 kilometers is about 6524 yuan, so the maintenance cost of a year is 1096 yuan (maintenance is different from person to person, the choice of maintenance brand is not the same, the price is not the same, but similar).According to the calculation, the annual fuel consumption cost is 5493 yuan, the annual insurance cost is 4432 yuan, the annual maintenance cost is 1096 yuan, so the cost of a month is about 918 yuan, as a family scooter, the cost is not high, it is quite convenient to use.Write in the final analysis and calculation, the vehicle performance is good, the monthly average cost of the rules, is acceptable, appearance design belongs to durable type, 1.5L power combination, fuel economy is good, but as a consumer, choose their own is the best, we think?