A journey spanning 3,000 kilometers

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Across 3000 kilometers to go: where are you, where is the home from the “center in Qilu, lapel even Haidai” of the “sea famous capital” Zibo, to the “no birds in the sky, the wind blowing stones run” of the “Gobi oil city” mang cliff;From 3,300 kilometers apart, “ask if you are safe, send your thoughts to each other”, to “love across mountains and seas, mountains and seas can be flat”.This is the story of a “flame blue” couple.His name is Zhang Zhishui, the assistant chief of the fire rescue station in Chuangye Road, Manya city, Haixi, Qinghai Province. Her name is Ren Huiying, Zhang’s wife, who used to run a small shop in Zibo, Shandong Province.After getting married, the couple, like most firefighter families, faced long-term separation.Three years ago, Zhang Zhishui’s wife made a decision that shocked everyone: to mang cliff work!Later, she resolutely traveled 3,300 kilometers to join the Fire rescue brigade in Manya city, Haixi, Qinghai Province to become a fire clerk.Since then, they have worn the same “flame blue,” they are husband and wife, comrades in arms, and fire safety “night watchmen” deep in the desert of 800 miles.”Home is where he is,” she said firmly, as she spoke of her feelings at the time of her decision.Frozen!Moving!They are rebels, they are guardians of their life is half ice and half fire, half cold and half hot…On the early morning of January 10, a fire broke out in a house in Guoluo Prefecture, Qinghai Province. The temperature dropped to -20℃ on that day, firefighters took part in a “battle” with water guns. They stood for 8 hours in such cold and cold weather, and their combat suits, gloves and helmets were frozen.At 1 am on January 12, Salt Lake City, on the Tibetan Plateau, was freezing with wind and temperatures as low as -20C.There is such a flock of people here, wearing plateau anoxia and extreme cold on the head, battle is in the forefront of fight back fire demon, depict gives the handsomest retrograde figure on a plateau.Although the wind and frost race to destroy, the original mission is not vilified!Please remember these young Chinese backbone who overcame fire and laughed at frost!Number nine cold, they fight with fire, with cold ice cast armor, with loyalty warm winter, wholeheartedly for the people do not give up!Even if Rome was three feet old, still could not stop the determination to dare to win!Firm belief, because the people first, mountains and rivers in mind!Source: China Fire