Twelve of famous artist Fan Zhenghong’s seven Works in a Day

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The poem “Collection of Oracle bones for Ancient Style” was written by Mr. Fan Zhenghong when he was 20 years old, and the calligraphy was his work when he was 23 years old.Writing poems on oracle bones is a very difficult task. First of all, it is necessary to be familiar with the oracle bones and at the same time be able to write poems freely. At this time, Mr. Fan was already proficient in writing poems.Name of poem calligraphy: Collection of Oracle bone inscriptions made ancient style Size: 138×68 (cm) Creation Date: 1987 Material: paper Interpretation: See 1 Poem signing: Collection of Oracle bone inscriptions made old, Ding MAO (1987) Spring, red seal: Fan Zhenghong (white) kong Yang Xinxi (Zhu) Ancient Rencheng (white) Traditional Chinese Painting Name: Lin KingCreation Time: 1981 Material: Paper sigon: Red (Zhu) Xun Yin (White) Han Inkstone Zhai (Zhu) Seal carving: Today, past Size: 1.8×1.8×2.5 (cm) Creation time: 1981 Material: talc purple sand product name: Crab Fun Size: Bottom: 6.6cm high:Creation Time: 2016 Porcelain painting product Name: Rain-washed Castle Peak Size: 33×17.5 (cm) Creation Time: 2013 Signing: Guibi (2013) Spring Fan red seal: red (Zhu) Inscription and Postscript Product name: Warring States Qi Tree System Double Elk tile size: 70cm×46cm Creation time: 2016 Interpretation: Postscript:The warring States qi Wa when its shape is more semicird, to raise yangwen relief is in the majority, exquisite different from the ordinary people.From Qiwa, we can see how Qi is a great country, and its magnificent architecture is visible.This tile is from Linzi, the former capital of The Qi dynasty, and its patterns are quaint and magical. In this picture, the axis is an abstract tree, the lower root is decorated with curved lines, the upper branches and leaves are self-textured, and the middle is displayed by the left and right sides of the tree trunks. Under the twirling twirling, the trunks are symmetrical to tie two moose, which is really vivid and lovely.Tile on both sides of the echo space needs, with two milk nail, so that the whole tile point line is wonderful.Knowledge: In the spring of Bingshen year old, one person from the hometown of Confucius and Mencius is Late muke Mountain Villa, south of the spring city, where Fan Zheng Hong Zhi in the ancient Rencheng is late.Fan Zhenghong, born in May 1964, began to work in July 1986, is a member of the Communist Party of China.The dean and professor of the art institute of shandong university of finance and economics, director of xileng printing society, director of Chinese calligrapher’s association, seal cutting committee, institute researcher at the China academy of art of carving, the shandong province calligrapher’s association, vice President of the fourth, five, six, seal cutting, director of the committee of CPPCC member of shandong province and shandong province federation committee member, shandong mid-stream and President, painting and calligraphy institute, vice President of shandong,Qilu cultural master.