Tussah water: be a good ecological guardian, help ecological revitalization

2022-06-18 0 By

In order to actively respond to the 2022 June 5 World Environment Day “Jointly build a clean and beautiful World” theme publicity call, solid improvement of rural living environment, strengthen the majority of Party members and cadres sense of responsibility and service, down-to-earth for the people.On March 31, zhashui County ecological environmental protection volunteer service team and Xingping community public welfare post went deep into six areas of the community to carry out the volunteer service activity of “Being a good Ecological defender of Qinling Mountains”, focusing on the cleaning and renovation of the surrounding environmental health of xingping community fungus greenhouses supported by the county environment Bureau.Event, ZhaShui county x also secretary of the environment of apricot ping community water source protection and small temple ditch life garbage collection processing situation has carried on the investigation, and timely solve the problem of difficult to support community, and said the next step will continue to push forward the rural sewage treatment project construction schedule, fight for money to improve the rural living garbage collection place and water source protection facilities,Avoid environmental pollution.The volunteer activity is a positive affirmation and support by the local people, is not only a focus on environmental health regulation, but also strengthen the awareness of national ecological civilization, form a thick atmosphere of ecological protection and a strong force, hoping to better guide the overall environmental health actively involved in the regulation and the power out of poverty,In the course of building a beautiful village and creating a model county for national ecological civilization construction by all the people, everyone is an ecological guardian, and everywhere is an environmental protection behavior, striving to build a better home and making a good ecological environment the most beautiful backdrop for rural revitalization.