Tangshan Road north police attack crack a series of theft

2022-06-18 0 By

Recently, The Police in Tangshan, Hebei Province, through video tracking, thunder attack, cracked a series of theft of luxury goods shop case, captured the current thief, recovered more than 30 stolen luxury goods.Recently, Dali police station received a report that the front door of a luxury store was damaged and a large number of luxury watches and bags were stolen.Handling the case police took the scene of the surrounding surveillance video, study the suspect’s activity track, and then through the video tracking, lock the suspect Sun mou (male, 40 years old, Kaiping District, Tangshan city, with criminal record).In the early morning of February 7, another luxury store in the district called 110 to report that the security system was abnormal, and the police quickly gathered around the police patrol to attack and arrested Sun who was about to escape after the theft.After interrogation, Sun mou to its successively 3 times the criminal fact of stealing luxury goods store confessed.At present, Sun mou has been detained according to law, the case is being investigated further.(Liu Pengyu, Dan Chengfei)