Spring Festival walk grassroots | city one Palace six film screening rooms opened during the Spring Festival holiday

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New Year’s Day falls, guangzhou daily reporter recently visited guangzhou workers’ Cultural Palace, saw there has been dressed up, lanterns everywhere, permeated with a strong Spring Festival atmosphere.According to the relevant person in charge, during the Spring Festival, the Workers’ Cultural Palace in Guangzhou will not close, the whole holiday is open to the public and employees, watching movies, sports activities, reading activities, exhibitions, etc., will take turns to accompany the public and employees to celebrate the Year of the Tiger.It is worth mentioning that the palace’s upgraded six movie theaters will be opened during the Spring Festival holiday.Walking into the gate of Guangzhou Workers’ Cultural Palace, the words “City Palace Cinema” and “Year of the Tiger And New Year 2022” immediately hit your eyes.The reporter learned that from The New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the New Year, the Workers’ Cultural Palace in Guangzhou will hold an activity of “Watching movies to celebrate the New Year”, during which eight Spring Festival movies will be screened.The palace’s six movie theaters will reopen to the public and staff during the Spring Festival holiday.Reporter saw six rooms neat new wait for citizens, the movie screens after upgrade in viewing effect and viewing environment improved double, all locations with brand new 4 k RGB laser projector with new high-gain metal screen, and equipped with sound quality to achieve 7.1 surround sound effects, some of the screens can lift, adjust seat,Make watching movies more comfortable.In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the workers, during the Spring Festival holiday, guangzhou Workers’ Cultural Palace will also carry out the activity of “New Year’s Joy reading in the Staff library”, and the photo exhibition of “Chinese Dream, Beauty of Labor — Forging ahead with the Party forever” of 100 Model workers in Guangdong province will remain open.It is reported that the staff library of the palace has more than 20,000 books, ranging from movies to literature to art.Guangdong Province 100 model workers photo exhibition is divided into three parts: laying a foundation and starting a career, standing ahead of the tide and heading for revival. It uses a large number of pictures, videos, multi-angle, panoramic display of the province’s 100 model workers firm ideals and beliefs, hard work, selfless dedication.In addition to watching movies, reading, exhibitions and other activities, the palace’s sports facilities will also be open during the Spring Festival holiday, and the basketball, badminton and table tennis venues will be open as normal, so that the staff who love sports will have a good place to go during the Spring Festival holiday.To enhance the festive atmosphere, flash mob shooting activities will be held in Guangzhou Workers’ Cultural Palace on the sixth day of the Lunar New Year. Zhao Weibin, the provincial non-inheritor of the lion dance team, will perform flash mob activities such as plum blossom pile, lion drum, high pole and treads on green.Article/Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng reporter Deng Xiaoli/Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng reporter Deng Xiaoli Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng editor Wang Dian statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com