Hanyang Qinkou has a “wish Express Service team”

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“I want a non-slip handrail” “I am a little worried about my child and would like a professional to guide him”…Since February, “wish couriers” in various communities in Qinduan Street, Hanyang District have been on duty to deliver “micro-wish packages” carrying expectations to residents who make wishes.”I am very worried about my child and wish there was a professional to help him.”In the wish box of a village community in seven, there recently appeared such a wish card, which is left by Mr. Liu of a village community in seven.Mr. Liu’s son Xiaojun (pseudonym) grew up in his hometown, came to Wuhan to live in junior high school, when he first arrived in Wuhan, he was extremely uncomfortable in life, and his personality gradually became somewhat withdrawn.In 2019, Xiaojun was recuperating at home after several operations due to illness, and has been reluctant to communicate with people.”My son looks like this, I see, anxious heart ah!I really need a professional counselor to help me.”Mr. Liu wrote on the wish card.Qili village community saw this wish card, first arranged the community “wish Courier” to send a condolence gift package for Mr. Liu’s family.Then I contacted professional social workers and psychological counseling teachers to connect with Mr. Liu and formulated a systematic family treatment plan. On the one hand, I encouraged Xiaojun’s family to give him more care and let Xiaojun relax and go out of the house. On the other hand, I took advantage of teenagers’ thirst for knowledge to cultivate their interests and professional skills and help Xiaojun get out of the haze.Grandpa Zhang of Spark community suffers from chronic diseases such as lumbar disc herniation and deformed knee joints, making it difficult to move in the slippery bathroom.During the door-to-door visit, volunteer Hu Wenhao learned about Grandpa Zhang’s situation, recorded grandpa Zhang’s wish of “wanting a set of anti-skid facilities”, and helped him put it into a wish express box set up in the community.In order to solve grandpa Zhang’s problem as soon as possible, Hu Wenhao also undertook the work of “wish Courier”. On March 5, Hu Wenhao took a full set of anti-slip facilities and installation equipment, such as anti-slip handrails and anti-slip pads, to complete the installation for Grandpa Zhang.It is understood that Qinkou Street has led the establishment of a “wish express service team” of more than 20 people, members of the district unit personnel, enthusiastic party members, members of social organizations, community volunteers, etc.Since February of this year, of the streets in the community set up a “wish delivery box”, through the fill in the form, the volunteers as visiting and online bulletin, the cumulative collection from low-income residents, strands personnel, micro wishes of the elderly and infirm, left-behind children in more than 100, half of these “micro wish package” has finished a door-to-door delivery.”The ‘wish package’ not only further expands the scope and content of assistance, but also protects the privacy of residents and plays a very good role in solving their difficulties.””This year, Qinduankou Street will focus on ‘building a better life circle’ and expand the range of ‘wish express delivery’, so that no one will be left behind on the road to happiness,” said the relevant staff of Qinduankou Street.Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn