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Dezhou Jiuda Urban Construction Investment And Development Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiuda City Investment”) is a wholly state-owned enterprise owned by The Decheng District Government, with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan, formerly known as Dezhou Decheng District Key Construction Investment Co., LTD.Jiuda City Investment has eight first-level wholly-owned subsidiaries, including Dezhou Decheng District Key Construction Investment Co., LTD., Dezhou Ruian Engineering Supervision Co., LTD., Dezhou Risheng Investment and Development Co., LTD., Dezhou Xiangshuo Investment and Development Co., LTD., and Dezhou Huizhong Human Resources Co., LTD.Its business scope covers urban development and construction, urban management and maintenance, whole-process engineering consulting, bidding agency, property services, human resources services, asset acquisition and disposal, etc.In order to meet the development needs of the Group and optimize the talent structure, in line with the principle of “openness, equality, competition and selection”, we are recruiting outstanding talents for the ownership company. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1.For specific requirements, please refer to Dezhou Jiuda Urban Construction Investment And Development Group Co., LTD. Title Company’s Open Recruitment Staff Post Plan (Annex 1).Key (a) dezhou city construction investment co., LTD., party propaganda department deputy 1 person 1, party 1, asset management, human resources and legal duty 1 person 1, finance, auditing, 1 person, the construction project manager 2 post, installation project manager post 1, municipal project manager post 2 1, project management, engineering cost 1 post.(II) Dezhou Ruian Engineering Supervision Co., LTD. 2 registered supervision engineers, 2 applicants for construction posts and 2 supervisors.(III) Dezhou Huizhong Human Resources Co., LTD. 2 comprehensive business posts.(IV) Dezhou Xiangshuo Investment and Development Co., LTD. 2 persons in charge of bidding and 1 person in bidding business.(1) Hold the nationality of the People’s Republic of China, be firm in politics, have good quality and conduct;(2) To abide by state laws and regulations;(3) Having good moral conduct and physical condition suitable for the post;(4) Meet the educational background and professional requirements of the recruitment post;(5) Having other qualifications required for the post;The graduation certificate, corresponding degree certificate, qualification certificate (required by the post) should be obtained before July 31, 2021;All other qualifications, qualifications and certificates required for the position must be obtained by July 31, 2021.(6) Persons under any of the following circumstances shall not be employed: (1) Persons who have been subjected to criminal punishment or have been dismissed from public office;2. Suspected violations of discipline and law are under investigation by relevant authorities and no conclusions have been drawn;3. Those who have been punished at or above the school level (including);4. Those who are confirmed to have committed fraud or other serious violations of discipline in the recruitment (employment) of civil servants or public institutions at all levels;5. The punishment period or the influencing period has not been reached;6. Active servicemen, college graduates, directed trainees, entrusted trainees, etc.;7. Personnel under other circumstances that are prohibited by laws and regulations.Shandong Deren Sifang Talent Development Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Deren Sifang Group”) is entrusted to organize and implement this recruitment.The recruitment will follow the procedures of announcement, online registration, qualification examination, written examination, interview, physical examination, employment and so on.1. Registration time: February 20, 2022 — March 10, 2022 12:00;2. Registration website: (, or fill in the application form through the wechat official account of staff login specified application portal (, fill out personal information.Each person is limited to one post.(ii) Qualification Examination Deren Sifang Group assigns special personnel to be responsible for qualification examination and conduct on-site examination of the materials of those who intend to enter the written examination. Qualified candidates shall submit materials to the specified place for examination within the specified time.1. Qualification Examination time: February 21, 2022 — March 10, 2022 16:00 (Except Saturday and Sunday);2. Place of qualification examination: Dongshouderen Recruitment Website, 1st Floor, Human Resource Market, Sanba Road, Dezhou City;3. Submitted materials include :(1) id card, diploma, degree certificate, relevant qualification certificate, professional title certificate (one original and one copy of the above certificates);(2) one one-inch bareheaded photo;(3) Electronic Registration Record Form for Educational Certificates of the Ministry of Education printed by Xuexin.In addition to the information required in the registration requirements, the applicants who have obtained overseas academic degrees should provide the Certificate of Overseas Academic Degrees issued by the Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education and the certificate of the returnees.(4) Registration Form (Appendix 2);(5) Letter of Commitment of Integrity of Candidates (Annex 3).The opening ratio of written examination shall not be less than 1:3 in general. If the position cannot reach the minimum opening ratio of written examination, the post shall be cancelled or the corresponding post reduction plan shall be implemented.Classics unit of choose and employ persons agrees, to partial professional stronger post, can relax to take an examination of scale appropriately.According to the registration conditions and post requirements, the candidates will be notified to take the written test by SMS, telephone or announcement. Those who fail to pass the examination will not be notified separately.(3) Written test 1. The written test paper includes two types of professional knowledge and comprehensive ability test;2. Written examination shall be conducted by unified examination, unified standard and unified marking;3. The time and place of the written test will be notified separately.4. Candidates should take the test according to the designated time and place, and must bring their id card within the validity period (the same as when registering) for the test;5. According to the score of written test, the applicants for the interview are generally determined in a ratio of 1:3 for the recruitment of the post.With the consent of the employing unit, some posts of professional talents with strong specialty and urgent need can be relaxed appropriately.If the written test results are the same, all the candidates with the same score will enter the interview.(4) Interview 1. The interview adopts structured interview, which mainly tests the basic ability, professional quality ability, on-the-spot strain ability, language expression ability, comprehensive analysis ability, organization and coordination ability, manners and appearance of the interviewees necessary for the job;2. The specific time and place of the interview will be notified by SMS, phone or announcement.(5) Physical Examination The examinees shall be uniformly organized to go to designated medical institutions for physical examination.The time of physical examination will be notified by telephone.(6) Employment Once an employee is employed, he/she shall sign a labor contract with the actual employer and go through the employment procedures.This open recruitment does not specify exam materials, and does not hold or authorize any institutions to hold pre-exam training courses.Tel: 0534-2636200, 2636156 Contact: Wang teacher, Cao Teacher Address: Dezhou City sanba Road human Resources market, 1 / F East Shou Deren recruitment website attachment (Dezhou Jiuda Urban Construction Investment and Development Group Co., LTD., ownership company open recruitment of staff announcement – Deren website) :1. “Dezhou Jiuda Urban Construction Investment Development Group Co., LTD. Ownership company open recruitment staff post Plan” 2. “Application registration Form” 3.Online Entry