Have you ever thought of lighting the cauldron in this way?

2022-06-17 0 By

Just tonight, China delivered another stunning performance at the Winter Olympics.A very perfect opening ceremony, destined to go down in history!The lighting ceremony of the Olympic cauldron is very special, and the design of the cauldron tower is very imaginative, not only environmentally friendly but also very creative.The last to light the cauldron was the young delegates Dinigal Iramujiang and Zhao Jiawen. The torch was placed in the middle of the snowflake shaped cauldron in an unusual and unique way.The first torchbearer to enter the stadium was speed skater Zhao Weichang.The second torchbearer is Li Yan.The third torchbearer is Olympic champion Yang Yang.The fourth torchbearer is Su Bingtian.The fifth torchbearer is Zhou Yang.The final torchbearers were denigal Iramujiang and Zhao Jiawen, who lit the cauldron.