Gather “sand” “gold”, Chuzhou “hand in hand” photovoltaic capital of the world

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Economic development is fast, want to rely on project belt.Chuzhou, the comprehensive strength rushed into and firmly hold the third place in the province, to achieve a historic change from “the first square, per capita behind” to “the third, per capita front”.Behind the secret, also depends on the project.In recent years, the city with “carbon up to the peak, carbon neutral” as the leading, seize photovoltaic industry development new stage of new opportunities, adhere to the market leading, government guidance, fully using the market logic, capital strength and platform thinking, developing leading, big strong, from scratch, preliminary build up “leading accumulation, leading technology, perfect ecological” photovoltaic industry chain development pattern,The city has achieved high-quality development of photovoltaic industry.As of Last December, the city’s photovoltaic equipment and components manufacturing enterprises a total of 43, including 19 enterprises on the regulation;In 2021, the output value increased by more than 100% year on year.2021 China Pv Industry Annual Conference and (Chuzhou) PV Innovation development Summit Forum was successfully held in CHUzhou.As nanjing metropolitan area and Hefei metropolitan area “double circle” city, Chuzhou to Nanjing by high-speed rail only 20 minutes.While making efforts in opening up to the outside world and turning regional advantages into development advantages, Chuzhou tapped its potential internally and insisted on strengthening “industry” by relying on its own resource endowment.Fengyang quartzite mine has preliminarily proved reserves of about 10 billion tons, with silica content of more than 99%. Its reserves, grade and mining value all rank first in China.How do resources lead to projects?How does a project become an industry?In Anhui province, Our city took the lead in establishing the chain length system of the industrial chain, forming and planning a team, an alliance, an association, a fund, a program, a platform, and a set of mechanisms to promote the “multi-chain coordination”.Among them, as one of the eight industrial chains of key development, the photovoltaic industrial chain, the municipal Party Committee is mainly responsible for the chief of the photovoltaic industrial chain.”The pv industry covers many industries from upstream to downstream. Pv modules are the most terminal on the production chain, so the closer we are to the production base of the module companies, the lower our costs in all aspects.”Zhou Zhou, head of Yongzhen Technology, said that the most important reason for chuzhou is that leading enterprises in the photovoltaic industry have settled in Chuzhou.In 2018, pv giant Longji Invested and built a solar module project with an annual output of 13GW in Chuzhou.”The current capacity of Chuzhou Longji is 20GW, accounting for 40% of the group’s total capacity, making it the largest base besides the headquarters.”Lu Shunshu, deputy general manager of Longji Yue Chuzhou Base, said that chuzhou is the comprehensive consideration and final decision of enterprises after the election in many places. From the current development situation, chuzhou photovoltaic industry has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, which also directly confirmed the correctness and foresight of the decision at that time.In 2019, Fengyang County was listed as a provincial characteristic industrial cluster (base) for silicon-based new materials.Followed by, Solar giants such as Jinkosolar, Follett, Foster, Oriental Sunrise have “settled” their core bases in Chuzhou.Seize the opportunity and chuzhou.In just a few years, the city has focused on the upstream and downstream industrial chain of photovoltaic industry, focusing on chain construction, chain complement, chain extension and chain strengthening. It has established an increasingly complete industrial chain of silicon wafers, photovoltaic glass, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules, inverters, photovoltaic frames, packaging film, photovoltaic backplane and so on.The production capacity of photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic glass reaches 36GW and 2.8 million tons respectively, ranking first in the province.A total of 1.02 million kw of installed photovoltaic power generation capacity has been built, including the tianchang Dongdawei 140MW ground photovoltaic power station project of East China Institute.From scratch, the city has established a photovoltaic industrial base with large investment scale, many head enterprises and complete industrial chain, and the “photovoltaic capital” weather is gradually showing.From December 14 to 15 last year, the 2021 Annual Conference of China photovoltaic industry and photovoltaic Innovation and Development Summit Forum was held in Chuzhou.This is the “high glory” moment of Chuzhou photovoltaic industry. At the signing ceremony of major projects attracting investment of Chuzhou photovoltaic industry held at the same time, 8 projects with a total investment of over 60 billion yuan were “defeated” in Chuzhou.Use good market logic, attract leading, expand downstream.Around the quartz sand downstream photovoltaic glass and photovoltaic module industry chain extension, chain reinforcement and strong chain, the city sorted out the list of attracting targets, set up a professional investment team, issued special support policies, build a professional park platform, improve the tracking service mechanism, and continue to deepen the “double recruitment and double introduction” method, step and method of industrial projects.A number of photovoltaic industry segmentation areas of the head enterprises have been chuzhou, the industry development of ecological circle.However, to seize a new round of opportunities, further accelerate industrial development and seize the commanding heights of the industry, the key is to make good use of capital power and platform thinking.The city issued the Interim Measures for Promoting the Development of Private Equity Investment Funds, which mainly supported the settlement of funds, investment incentives and project attraction, and promoted the successful implementation of the national Adjustment War New industrial investment fund with a total scale of 10 billion yuan. A total of 40 industrial funds have been set up.Special action carried out thousands of enterprise capital markets business training, make the further support listed companies (listed) A number of policy, to complete the share reform, guidance for the record, report will be in the trial, momentum () through registration enterprise respectively give prize, 2021 new photovoltaic a-share listed enterprises listed 1, cultivate the four photovoltaic enterprises.The platform of co-consultation and co-construction of “government, banking, insurance and enterprises” in the photovoltaic industry has been established, and the batch docking mode of “host bank + chain main enterprise + chain subordinate enterprise” has been innovated. In 2021, RMB 5 billion will be granted credit for the photovoltaic industry chain, and RMB 1.85 billion will be approved for 22 photovoltaic industry projects.At the same time, in accordance with the “special” – engineering – base – cluster agglomeration development ideas, built in chuzhou by the open area, fengyang the open area for the “dual-core” and other county (city, area) the coordinated development of industry to undertake large platform, chuzhou photovoltaic industry base through open zone approved by the provincial “triple a” new generation single crystal efficient photovoltaic component engineering major emerging industries.The photovoltaic industry Association was newly established, and 32 key enterprises joined the association in the first batch. It carried out strategic cooperation with China Photovoltaic Industry Association, promoted the preparation of photovoltaic industry planning with the help of the think tank of the Association, and focused on strengthening cooperation in talent introduction, technological innovation and standard setting.By means of policy guidance and financial awards and subsidies, pv enterprises are supported to carry out in-depth cooperation with universities and research institutes, and 10 innovative R&D platforms, including key (engineering) laboratories, engineering (technology) research centers and enterprise technology centers, are established and prepared, including 3 r&d platforms above provincial level.The Management Committee of Chuzhou Economic and Development Zone carried out in-depth cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University Solar Energy Research Institute, and established Becquerel Photovoltaic Research Institute.”On the basis of the first and second phase construction, we will continue to expand the single crystal construction project, and after reaching the output value will reach 20 billion yuan, and gradually drive the formation of a photovoltaic industry of nearly 50 billion yuan.”Lu Shunshu said that from a strategic point of view, the group plans to continue to invest in Chuzhou, the construction of the third, fourth and fifth phase of the project, and continue to extend the industrial chain, toward high-end, intelligent, green, clustered development direction.Data show that as of December last year, the city has completed, under construction, has contracted to carry out preliminary work and in the photovoltaic industry 59 key projects, a total investment of 197.4 billion yuan, the total completed investment of 35.4 billion yuan, including: 13 completed projects, a total investment of 16 billion yuan;There are 20 projects under construction, with a total investment of 57.6 billion yuan and a total investment of 19.5 billion yuan.It has signed 16 preliminary work projects, with a total investment of 100.4 billion yuan.There are 10 projects under discussion, with a total investment of 23.4 billion yuan.Sow hope and nurture the future.Chuzhou is a step by step, so that the world’s photovoltaic capital deserved the title.