From my 20 years of life, to pick out the luckiest thing, it must be the second construction examination

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During the four years of college, I applied for student loans due to my poor family background. I did part-time jobs while going to school. I once delivered takeout food and worked as a tutor.During the four years in the university, I only took 3000 yuan for living expenses in the first year from home, and never took a penny from home again. Every time I came back home, I saw my parents’ grey temples, living in a shabby tile-roofed house, working in the fields from dawn to dusk, and tears often soaked my eyes.Since I was young, I have been interested in the construction industry. After graduation, I chose to work in a construction company in Beijing.After working for two years, I decided to apply for the second-level construction engineer qualification certificate. I reviewed for 53 days and passed it once, including management 85, regulations 76 and Practice 97. Finally, I realized my dream.One, the network course network course is certain to have, two build test a lot of knowledge points of understanding is very difficult, light by self-study is not to understand.Moreover, the efficiency of online courses is really many times higher than their own reading.Rules:What I see is the teacher wang xin will be taught courses, teacher wang xin is the regulations does speak well, but I was looking for on the Internet free classes, because the teacher wang xin is law course is very expensive, and regulations subject test difficulty is not great, in fact, no matter use which teacher’s class, as long as listen to the teacher carefully all no problem, but I prefer to the teacher’s teaching style, wang xin will beSo I found his free courses in previous years, and collected the knowledge points and materials that changed that year to study together.Practice: two build the most difficult section, and I most afraid of is practice.I choose 123SaaS architect, mainly based on the internal case practice special class, specially designed for practice, so I strongly push to you.Management: This course has the lowest difficulty. As long as I listen to the class carefully and do some questions, I can pass it basically. Therefore, it is also the one I spend the least time on, and I also use 123SaaS course.(2) the teaching material: the constructor in the pocket, this is Mr Zhou teacher compilation book is dry, basic is the official teaching material enrichment of the thousands of pages, dense word lean, teasing out the examination site formation, and the difficult point do the sketch annotation, also summarizes the formula, seconds kill a lot of memory skills, mind map, use efficiency is higher.I do not recommend using official textbooks, because there are too many contents, without drawing and marking, and I do not know where the key points are and where the difficulties are, so it is difficult to stick to reading them.