Are the Spring Festival goods ready?Come and see what you are preparing for the Spring Festival

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The Spring Festival, which originated at the end of the Shang Dynasty, is the most important festival in China since ancient times.”Chinese New Year” embodies the love for family and hometown and the expectation for a happy life from generation to generation. It is a sense of ritual that has been flowing in the blood of the Chinese people since ancient times.Shopping for New Year’s goods should be an integral part of the ceremony, which includes thoughts of family, hopes for a better future, and rewards for one year’s hard work.If you haven’t decided what to buy yet, check out what everyone is doing for the New Year.In terms of gender, women are the main force to purchase and especially buy Spring Festival goods, contributing 61% of the transaction amount online, and significantly more than men in terms of the number;Among them, women’s clothing, beauty makeup, mother and baby categories are preferred by women.Male: The total number of males in the Lunar New Year shopping Festival is relatively small, but males have a relatively significant preference for 3C digital products and popular electronic products in various channels.In terms of age, the post-00s not only have a preference for 3C digital and women’s clothing, but also have an obvious interest in outdoor sports, showing their youth and vitality.Post-90s: they also have a higher preference for women’s wear and 3C digital products, but the proportion of jewelry, mother and baby, and home decoration products is obviously rising, showing their consideration for family.After 80:3C products no longer consider the forefront, the proportion of home decoration home textile compared with 00 and 90 after a significant rise, showing its in the life stage of having children, settle down.Post-70s and the past: In addition to furniture, 3C digital products and beauty products have re-appeared in the Spring Festival shopping list of post-70s, which clearly shows that the post-70s are trying to keep up with the thinking steps of the post-00s and want to blend in with young people.From the overall trend, trend 1: Fancy home, better home. Due to the repeated outbreak of COVID-19, travel during the Spring Festival is restricted and the time spent at home is longer, which strengthens the wish of many people to live and buy homes.More and more people want to decorate the home into a warmer, more intelligent, more happy place, intelligent household appliances products are favored.Trend 2: Shopping for health, health is a gift The epidemic has also greatly stimulated people’s demand for health technology, many people choose to buy “shopping to save their lives” during the Spring Festival shopping and “send health” during the Spring Festival has also become a trend.Among them, blood glucose meter and other medical instruments are used to send parents and elders during the Spring Festival, which gradually completes the transition from “medical treatment” to daily necessities and good gifts during the Spring Festival.”Check-up cards”, probiotics, melatonin and other products are also growing rapidly.Trend 3: Digital technology, entertainment and productivity Due to the COVID-19 home quarantine and the fire of the concept of the meta-universe, the two factors influence each other, digital technology products also accounted for a large proportion of the Spring Festival shopping, among which VR equipment increased surprisingly.Trend 4: New Year’s Eve dinner, is the happiness with fireworks is also affected by the epidemic, the number of young people celebrating the New Year on the spot, alone, and these young people are generally not sophisticated enough cooking.Making it easy for “prepared dishes,” “quick meals” and social media campaigns to create delicious “air fryers,” sales have soared.Trend 5: Local time-honored brands, strong return under the epidemic, people either passively or actively have a closer connection with the local people, and have a growing understanding of the local culture of their hometown, brewing the gradual fermentation of “regional pride” represented by local specialty food and wine.Make many time-honored food sales soar, and widely loved by people.Trend 6: Keep the moment of love and beauty As there are so many changes in life in the two years since the outbreak, people are increasingly hoping to record the “moment of love and beauty” through artistic photos or life photos.Affected by this, “art photo”, “family photo” and other photography services sales rose sharply, among which “high appearance level” New Year art photo is the contemporary beauty lover’s circle of friends to brush the screen sharp weapon.Polaroid cameras are also gaining popularity for capturing life-like moments.Trend # 7: Trend # 4: Pay for nature and Healing In the face of life’s uncertainty, the anxiety and powerlessness of uncertain progress, and the desire for “peace and quiet,” plants often have magical healing powers to calm people.Therefore, “flowers”, “green plants” as a relatively easy to obtain, close to the nature of the home substitute is becoming more and more popular.To sum up, the epidemic has really had a huge impact on people’s lives, but in the shadow of the epidemic, we can feel the taste of the New Year that we have not seen for a long time.