9.5 minutes cure god play: The British version of “family has children”, not chicken children not dog blood, but made 4 children

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During the holidays, I spent several nights with my husband brushing a family drama: “The Durrell Family”. My husband was forced to think it was an artistic film, but found it was a laughter-tears story. He also secretly watched the original novel “Greek Trilogy” during the day, just to reveal the plot to me.1 “Mom, I like monkeys to teach. Is that ok?”What attracted me to this British play was a dialogue.The mother went to the school and scolded the principal for spanking her child, saying, “I’d rather have monkeys teach him.”The child happily tugged at his mother’s hand and said, “Mom, I like monkeys to teach. Is that ok?”I feel like that’s something my kids could say.I can completely realize the mother held their children out of school but has no way of despair, like this holiday season, my two 4 year old rascal wanted during the day (mouth machine gun sound) fight (brother friendly everywhere, friendship burst “severely punish”) make hole (they secretly invented a new game), I sigh on a winter vacation, 3, they were not so quiet,Now it really is a perpetual motion machine, and it will be more powerful.The score of this 4 seasons is good, there is no season under 9 points, the third season even as high as 9.5 points of the Divine drama “The Dreyers”, in addition to healing the heart, see the warmth of tender feelings, but also swept away the haze under the infiltration of natural landscape, you can feel:Probably no situation is so bad, depending on how you live your life, depending on whether you are “demanding kids” or “achieving kids.”In 1935, Seven years after her husband died in Bournemouth, England, Mrs. Durrell, who had been raising her four children on a government pension, found it difficult to make ends meet.The only time he followed his eldest son’s advice, he moved to Corfu, an island off the northwest coast of Greece, where prices were said to be low and the scenery beautiful.The story is about a family of 5 people in the Greek island life story — look ordinary, there is no dog blood, but let the audience friends “meet hate late”, “reluctant to finish”, “after watching also want to brush”.Many mothers saw their own reflection, many mothers felt that their children were too good to see Mrs. Drill.Ms. Dreyer’s four children, aged 21 to 10, are at an age when their father’s death would normally allow them to help their mother around the house and go to work, but each one is more difficult than the last.Larry, the eldest son, suggests a trip to a Greek island, presumably for his writing dream.At 21, he didn’t want to be a real estate agent, but spent his days with a typewriter and nothing else.The family’s livelihood and housework, all rely on the mother to think of ways.Lesley, the second son, who liked to hunt with a gun, went to Corfu like a bird released into the woods, shooting at the hour workers who helped to keep the house for fun, or being used by friends to steal and almost ended up in prison.The third daughter Margo, 16 years old, do not want to study, all day long to find a boy to fall in love with marriage, every day under the priest’s eyes basking in the sun is her only hobby.His youngest son Gerry, 10, has only been at primary school for a year. After being told by his teacher that he “would rather feed the mice than go to class”, Gerry is thrilled to hear his mother say “let the monkeys teach him” and thinks his dream has come true.Every day with a dog around the island, his mother gave him a class, completely not interested, mother deliberately said the animal he immediately came to the spirit.My husband said that when he saw the children angry with me (my husband sometimes works overtime at night, so I supervise the children more in daily life), he felt that he had been watching the show from the perspective of the sky, and imagined that if he were gone, I might be so miserable.3 “I have no money, no material, no hope, but I am the happiest man in the world.” If a rich family, children pursue some “flashy” dream, may still be able to support or have a retreat, but the Dreyer family is too difficult.They sold their house in England and took all their worldly possessions to Greece.It is beautiful here, but it is really a “paradise”, no electricity, lighting by candles.Then the Dreyer relatives showed up, built a generator that broke down and couldn’t be fixed.In order to save money, I moved to an old house that had been vacant for a long time. The window pane fell out when I touched it. Fortunately, the price was reduced by $20.The first night, they slept in an open suitcase.The bathroom was filled with insects, lizards and frogs that only the youngest son, who loves small animals, might have liked.But they managed to put down roots here, almost entirely thanks to the strong, optimistic Mrs. Drill.She asked fellow British immigrants how to make money, asked islanders how to pick olives, set up a snack sale and sent all her children out to find food (though the harvest was poor and some were injured).The existence of the mother may be the best cohesion of the family, looking at the loose and free, but everyone is deeply in love with the family and each other.The eldest son was supposed to go back to England with his girlfriend to settle down, but he got on the boat and came back. He was reluctant to come back.It was here that he could truly be himself.The second son went to live in a friend’s den in anger. After the crime, the whole family was worried about him and tried to find a way. Only then did he know what “true love” was.Three daughter love be thwarted, the mother is pacify, also let brother comfort her, she also because of romantic lovely nature, accidentally gained the beautiful job that reads to the duchess.The younger son has a friend who is in prison, and the family is worried that the two older brothers, who usually do nothing, will stick with them until they are sure that their new friend is not a bad person.The younger son and scientist Theo, a zoology enthusiast, were more about the mother’s education than the brothers and sisters.Ms Hong LAN, a doctor of psychology, once said: “Mother is the soul of the family, mother happy family happy, mother anxious family anxious.”4. Are you demanding or achieving your child?Ms. Dreyer teased her eldest son about not getting a job, but his latest book always gave a thumbs-up: “It’s so good!”The second son went to a bad friend’s house to let his mother go, but the mother still went to him again and again. The child might be sentenced. She went to him again and again for help, and even begged the son’s bad friend with “bribes”.Three daughter wants to fall in love, the mother opposes her only to get married, but also strictly guard her love object.When it comes to the education of his youngest son, he is trying to make a child.”Do you really want to be a zoologist?” she asked the child.The child nodded earnestly several times and answered, “Yes.”The mother no longer forced the child to go to school, but let him set up an “animal exhibition” at home, raising all kinds of animals swimming in the water, just because the child said he would study and observe, observation will be released.Every time her son went out, Ms. Dreyer told him to “be safe,” put on galoshes to keep him from getting bitten by snakes, and that was all.He also became friends with his son’s zoological friends.The first episode of the story, in fact, expresses the true meaning of the show: “The purpose of education is to bring out the best part of children, not to instill in them the fear of whipping.”The youngest son, Gerry, was caned by the headmaster because he would rather feed the rats than go to class.The mother had been called to the school for a lecture, but Instead Mrs. Drill stormed into the principal’s office, broke the cane, and demanded to know why he was hitting the child, saying, “I’d rather have a monkey teach him.”The principal told Gerry to write the exam, and Mrs. Drill said, “He won’t write it. We’ll drop him out.He’s just a little special.”Ms. Dreyer is not an educator, but she has made it happen for her four children.She saw each child’s special place, with their own love and optimism, perseverance, tolerance children, accept children;When the child violates the bottom line, also will timely point out, correct.As a result, her four children are excellent, and the story is based on real people.The oldest son in his life, larry, did become a great writer.His Alexander Tetralogy has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature for two consecutive years.The younger son, Gerald, wrote “The Greek Trilogy” (from which “The Dreyers” was based), which was meant to be about the animals of Corfu, but was unexpectedly beloved for its domestic story.He became a true zoologist, and to this day, a bronze statue of him still stands in Jersey Zoo — the “modern Noah’s Ark” for protecting nearly 200 species around the world.Although his youngest son only attended primary school for one year, he received honorary doctorates from Yale, Durham and Kent and was awarded the British Order of the Empire by the British royal Family.He devoted his life to the cause of animal protection, and he is also a little fan of Princess Anne.The second brother and the third sister also lived happily.After Ms. Dreher’s death, margot, 50, the third sister, began traveling the world, performing on Greek cruises across the Caribbean.German philosopher Jaspers once said, “The essence of education means that one tree shakes another, one cloud pushes another, and one soul awakens another soul.”Mrs. Drill’s gentle, silent presence awakened her children.I’d like to end with a passage from the time capsule Gerald buried in the Jersey Zoo. This is a letter to future humans, and hopefully our children can truly feel it.”We hope that in the future there will be fireflies to guide you at night and butterflies to greet you in the bushes and forests.We hope your dawn will be filled with symphonies of bird song, uplifting by the sound of their wings flapping.We hope you are grateful to have been born into this amazing world.”(Some pictures from the Internet, all rights reserved)