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The first fourth-generation building, Showtown phoenix Bund, is located in the center of phoenix New urban area. Surrounded by three parks, it offers a close feeling of natural scenery and a perfect enjoyment of modern urban life.The project covers an area of about 43,000 square meters, and the construction area is about 90,000 square meters. The plot ratio is only 1.5, the green land rate is as high as 35%, and the building density is only 26%. It truly achieves the pure foreign housing quality community with low density and high green land rarely seen in Xiushan County.At the beginning of the planning, in order to achieve a different style of life in the central city, about 48,000 square meters of commercial facilities will be specially built to perfectly reproduce the fashionable living atmosphere of the “Bund” in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other super first-tier cities. Large-scale main stores will be introduced to meet the daily consumption and shopping functions of owners.In the meantime, we will build a high-end sports center, equipped with the first indoor constant temperature swimming pool in Xiushan, to improve the life taste of owners.As a new strength building of Show City, the project launches improved housing with excellent quality, ranging from 85 square meters to 124 square meters of low density and light luxury houses, and from 140 to 300 square meters of large flat floor with courtyard in the air, 3.3 meters high and 6.6 meters high ceiling are scarce in the market.At the same time, the project is a two-star smart community, providing 26 full intelligent services, while cooperating with Longhu Smart service to provide lifelong quality services.Developer: Xiucheng Group Project: Xiucheng Phoenix Bund Project Area: Central area of Phoenix New Town Property Type: Western Housing Community Total Price Range: 61-1.71 million GFA: 85-300㎡ Unit price: 7,280 YUAN /㎡ Property Company: Longhu Property Opening Date: Early December 2021 Delivery Date:2023 July 31, contact tel: 023-7603 8888 Contact Address: Chongqing Xiushan County next to Phoenix Park Xiushan Autonomous County notice on strict control of gathering activities Xiushan students look over!Keep in mind!In addition to original content and special explanation, the text and pictures of the push manuscript are from the Internet.The copyright belongs to the original author.If you think the content is infringing, please contact us to delete.