Peng n an: Thirty, forty yuan a kilo of so-called “stewed beef”, AFTER I eat, I want to say,

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Peng an: Thirty, forty yuan a kilo of so-called “braised beef”, I want to say after eating, maybe a lot of these things are fake!!Some time ago I saw in the street flowing pedlar sell 35 yuan a catty of spiced beef “” stop, when the hawker stall before feeling spiced beef bright color and tendon, and releasing a salty, sweet, faintly in the surrounding to smell like eating a few mouth, so can’t ask how many money, the seller per kilogram, 35, I was very surprised,Because peng an’s beef seems to be fifty or sixty yuan, or even six, seventy-five pounds, now is approaching the festival, how the price is cheaper?Feel strange, again remind of peacetime read the information on the Internet, so I didn’t buy annual grade, see spiced beef sold at a supermarket in the city is 78 jins, the more heart to street merchants of more than 30 a kilo “spiced beef” curious, and in the construction of the road just met selling this “spiced beef” traveling salesmen, and bought more than 20 dollars, back after eating,I am sure it is fake, the taste of chewing in the mouth is too different from the real brine beef, it is a canned lunch meat mixed with what spices and spices taste, eat too much tongue and a little astringent, strongly do not recommend everyone to buy, as the saying goes, good goods are not cheap, let alone such is not genuine brine beef!Of course, among those street traders selling marinated beef for 30 or 40 yuan a jin, or a few people selling real beef, but the so-called “marinated beef” I bought that day was absolutely, absolutely fake!