It’s so beautiful and amazing!The Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics: Chinese Romance!

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The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is a refreshing blend of modern technology and art, with a sense of ceremony and live performance.Let’s take a look back at some amazing moments from the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The story of “a Snowflake and a Piece of Ice” runs through the whole hall. The center of the venue is composed of 11600 LED HIGH-DEFINITION display screen to interpret “a piece of ice” from beginning to end, presenting the crystal clear texture of ice.Ice represents the Winter Olympics, ice and snow implies romance and poetry, bringing people beauty, imagination and association.At the opening ceremony, a common snowflake, the whole process carried out this concept, from the beginning of the countdown short film to the final ignition.After the athletes’ entrance, all the guides hold up the snowflake guide board of each participating country (region), and make all the snowflakes converge and build a big snowflake together through the interaction of dancing and light and shadow on the ground.Countdown to the last ten numbers, the audience interactive shout, fireworks in the air with the type of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.When children blow away dandelions, white seeds fly in the sky, the sky at the same time “dandelion” fireworks, meaning the seeds of spring spread all over the earth.Finally, the words “Start of Spring” and “Spring” in Both Chinese and English were printed in the air.It is the first time that both Chinese and English fireworks are displayed simultaneously.Three, ice and snow five rings out of the opening ceremony, “ice and snow five rings” out of the ice.Six hockey players interact with video puck strikes.After the hockey puck repeatedly hits in the video space, it leads to more intense carving — the whole ice cube gradually breaks into a crystal clear ice and snow ring.This behavioral process is defined as “breaking the ice”.In Chinese culture, the act of breaking the ice represents breaking barriers, resolving conflicts, and understanding each other.Four, 24 solar terms, stunned the opening “spring” dandelion modelling grab an eye opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Olympics world non-material cultural heritage twenty-four solar terms for the first time to a countdown timer, starting from the “rain”, to the end of the “spring”, the twenty-four solar terms and poems, the ancient proverb and vibrant images in contemporary China, with a completely new expression way,Wow in front of a global audience.The Winter Olympics in Beijing are also the 24th in the history of the Winter Olympics.The beginning of Spring was performed at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Today marks the start of Spring, the start of spring, and the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Beijing Winter Olympic Games is the 24th winter Olympic Games in history.According to the design concept of “a snowflake” throughout, the guide card of each participating country (region) held by the guide adopts the luminous snowflake shape.The design is inspired by the pattern of “Chinese knot”, a knot from the beginning into a thread, meaning unity and auspiciousness.The guide’s costume design uses ice and snow patterns and Chinese painting styles.It is worth mentioning that all the little hats worn by the guides adopt the tiger head pattern from hebei folk tradition and each hat has a different tiger head pattern.This is not an artistic performance by artists. It is a simple way for 76 young people from all over the world to show themselves in the same way and walk side by side.They are people of all colors, of all races, of all people.Young people walk across the screen, forming a river of images made of photographs.All the pictures show the living conditions of people all over the world, including sharing weal and woe and fighting the epidemic together, as well as the passionate moments of athletes fighting for their dreams.Seven, virtual peace dove – artificial intelligence real-time interaction, science and technology art perfectly presents the children holding a lovely little person, running freely and happily, and glittering and crystal stars at the foot of the snowflakes play interaction, the whole performance is free, romantic, warm and moving.This romantic artistic originality in the scene, is passed “based on the influence of the artificial intelligence technology to identify track” and “interactive engine technology based on real-time rendering of” two core technology, is one of the world for the first time in more than one team of more than 600 square meters of floor actor for real-time tracking and interactive performance,It is a pioneer in the field of technology, art and visual technology.Eight, “One leaf knows autumn”;The torch lit way way of having a unique style for the torch lit, zhang said “from under the Olympic mountains (ancient Olympia) collected flame, travelled to China, can’t put out, and then carried out in China, the last bar to the bird’s nest,, it is a symbol, is the symbol of the Olympic spirit, has been extended in one hundred.So this time we designed it like this. After the last leg comes in, we put it up and it becomes the main torch. This is the concept change.