“Educated Youth years” unforgettable year 30

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On the evening of New Year’s Eve, the whole family were sitting in front of the TV watching the annual Spring Festival Gala held by CCTV. I was a little tired and bored, leaning on the bed and flipping through a magazine.The dense sound of firecrackers outside the window told me that it was a noisy year.Every time this red light hangs bright bright, the whole family gets together to celebrate the Spring Festival “shou Sui”, I always think of that carrying sheep dung to run in the wilderness in the dark night, stumbled to struggle over the New Year’s Eve.From time to time over the gorgeous fireworks, as if into the night far bonfire emerged in my eyes……On August 29, 1969, at the age of 16, I came to the fifth Company of the 15th Regiment of the 2nd Division of the Inner Mongolia Production and Construction Corps with seven classmates.Busy after the autumn harvest season, and busy after the winter leisure into the “winter busy”, building water conservancy, leveling the land, take off the wheat grain into storage, fertilizer to send fertilizer, in a twinkling of an eye will usher in our parents left home after the first Spring Festival.How will the festival be celebrated?On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, more than 200 people gathered in the playground to listen to the leadership lecture.The instructor is a soldier in active service, usually very strict to the soldiers.He spoke with a thick accent, had a catchphrase is “do (live) should”, “do (live) should” how how, into the female soldier dormitory never knock, we new female soldiers are a little afraid of him.The instructor stood in front of the assembled company and began to speak with a strong local accent, to the effect that the young soldiers should not miss home, but should establish the idea of “taking root in the border area”, and come to Inner Mongolia is the inner Mongolian people.Today is the New Year’s Eve, we must exercise our strong revolutionary will, “one is not afraid of suffering, two is not afraid of death”, first eat the “bitter rice”, then go to pasture sheep sea back sheep dung.Next the mending crew carried a big walkoff basket full of earthen yellow bran buns, which each man could walkoff with one or two.During the “Cultural Revolution”, when the school went to the countryside to work, we also had “memory bitter rice”, which was made of bean curd residue and wheat bran.What about the bran that I hold in my hand?The whole thing is made of the pig’s fodder bran of the pig’s name, and of rice bran, which is a little better;The fatal is the rice bran, the rice is completely processed out, broken rice husk where steamed cooked, but also relatively intact in our dumplings.Bite, prick the mouth;Swallow, prick your throat.I chewed hard for a long time, swallowed through the pain and got through.My classmate is small, stomach is not good, I saw her in the bran on a bite, has been chewing in the mouth, she slowly approached me, mumbling low voice asked: “can not swallow, how to do?”I had to tell her, “Put it in your pockets and throw it away when you leave the camp.”She stretched out her neck and nodded.Before everyone had finished eating, the instructor ordered the two female volleyball players, who did not have a shoulder pole or basket, to return to the dormitory, each with a pair of pants, two shoelaces and a rope.The men’s platoon soldiers were responsible for pushing carts, carrying baskets and carrying shovels. The soldiers began to queue up and swallowed the bran.Shepherd Sea was about twenty miles northwest of the company.Inner Mongolia winter north wind raging, wind blowing sand in the face pain.The soldiers marched against the wind on the banks of the Uga River, singing revolutionary songs along the way, showing the high spirits of the youth.Day near evening, we walked out of the five yuan boundary, to the hangjinhouqi sheep sea.There really was a long row of pens with a thick layer of dung inside, but no sheep in sight.Started packing sheep poop, and I realized what pants were for.Two shoelaces tie the pant leg tight, his hands hold the pant waist, like food, will ring in a basket of sheep manure into the pants, full after tying the pant waist, the two pant legs to shoulder a build, a simple means of transport can be used, the liberation of both hands, walking is also easier.Everyone began to walk back, Shouting and holding hands.It was completely dark, and the night of the Hetao plain lay silent.The stars in the sky shone, and tall heather stood on the earth.Although some of his comrades were holding flashlights, the faint light was like fireflies in the forest in the boundless sky and earth.We walked back to the direction of the company based on memory. After walking five or six miles, the formation broke up and there was no sound of conversation.According to the speed of the march, the team naturally formed a small group, and even the direction of walking is not consistent, the more you walk more and more have no confidence, only to hear the foot of the dry grass crackling crackling.Several comrades around me were small, weak and hungry, and two small women could not hold on. They sat on the ground and wanted to rest. They were pulled up by the big man, because if they could not keep up with the group and got lost, they did not know what danger they would encounter.After walking for a long time in silence, someone shouted, “Light!”The numbness of everyone’s spirits rose.Towards the light walked, gradually and vaguely heard the sound of firecrackers.They thought they were back in the company and moved forward in formation.By the light of the stars, a close look at the layout of the house, found that it was the wrong way, ran to the village.Fast to the entrance of the village, a few villagers with lanterns to meet us, close to politely said: “comrades hard, where do you want to go?”A soldier answer: “we back dung went, want to return 5 company, don’t know the way.”The villager immediately happily say: “oh, er tell you.”He pointed to the poplars in the distance. “Just follow that canal and you’ll get there.”When asked anything more, they just laughed and refused to answer.Seeing this, I was puzzled: “The villagers in this place are still very warm and kind. What’s wrong today?”We walk while talking, the team of an old worker’s daughter quietly told me: “Today is the New Year 30 ah, legend of the gods to earth.To welcome the immortals sincerely, it is the custom of local people to neither receive guests nor go out to visit them on the eve of New Year’s Eve.”I suddenly realized that I could not help thinking of the way we were running around in the yard with paper lanterns of various colors and styles in the evening of Chinese New Year’s Day when I was a child, but now we were without food in our stomach and carrying sheep dung in the dark without direction.Some way out, the rest of us did not know how to walk, and again we heard someone shout, “Light!””Someone immediately corrected him.” It’s a light.””Firelight!” they cried out in unison.I wonder if I heard our cry, the fire is getting bigger.Everyone has speculated, is the house on fire or burning?Or fireworks?A comrade with military knowledge said, “It should be a signal fire for the company to burn at site 35, so that we can find our way home.”This judgement of coming home is like issuing the charge order to everyone. The clever comrade-in-arms took the initiative to dump the more and more heavy sheep dung on their shoulders on the no. 35 ground, which not only got rid of the heavy burden but also completed the task completely.They did not care about the potholes and the dry grass under their feet;Ignoring the growling of his hungry stomach, he hurried towards the fire on his tired legs.Come close, see clearly, is Guo company commander!Commander Guo and several soldiers were adding wood to the fire. The flames were dancing in the wind, reddling the whole world and turning the faces of the soldiers, who were sixteen or seventeen years old.The company commander told us that two groups of comrades-in-arms had returned and passed through here.He told us, “Bite the bullet and stick it out!The canteen has prepared noodles in hot soup for us. We go back and wash ourselves after dinner before going to bed.”His comrades listened quietly in the warm firelight, some people quietly shed tears, a little soldier could not help crying.In this cry, I felt more fatigue, fear, excitement, and infinite grievance than a minor can bear.I was not at peace with myself on this unique eve, but I was lucky, indeed, to be with the troops.After one of my classmates got separated from everyone, he did not know where to go and dared not shout, so he had to hide in the shadow of a tree. He was very nervous, lonely and afraid, and helpless.Later, she told me that the endless darkness made people scary, the strange environment, unknown beasts, bad people, spies… almost broke people.It was only with the relief of the common voices of some of her male comrades that she stepped forward and joined them in the company.The next day is the New Year’s day of the time, until 4 o ‘clock in the morning, there are two female comrain-in-arms with tears very embarrassed to just touch back to the company, their face and clothes are torn.How much mental and physical suffering they went through that night is unknown.Alas, those were teenage girls!The laughter of my family in front of the TV woke me up from the nightmare of carrying sheep dung on the back of the lunar New Year’s Eve nearly half a century ago.When I returned to the city and became a middle school teacher, I could often see girls of sixteen or seventeen being spoiled. Which of them was not the apple of their parents’ eye?The children couldn’t believe it when they heard our story.Yes, how can children in the 21st century understand our special experiences and moods in that special time?Remember at that time we are their own dry tears, the next day still got up to make dumplings for the New Year, we comfort each other and encourage each other, sharing the candy sent from his comrades home, to participate in the self-written, self-entertainment get-together, a suffering turned into “last night stars last night wind” in the past.Though time flies, we are getting on in old age.But up to now, EVERY New Year, I will remember that in the dark night of Hetao Inner Mongolia carrying sheep dung scared to run on the New Year’s Eve.In August 1969, cui Airong went to the fifth Company of the 15th Regiment of the 2nd Division of the Inner Mongolia Corps. In 1976, he returned to Beijing and was assigned to the Beijing Photoelectric Device Factory. Later, he was transferred to the education Department of the lighting equipment company to do staff education and TV teaching in secondary technical school.Comrades in the Regiment want to learn more about the world with Three Eyes